Book Promos…

Well, we ‘finally’ got Wayne off his ass… So feed some starving writers!

Wayne Whisnand has his first short story out, Here There Be Pirates.

As always, click on the cover to go to the Amazon page.

The blurb-

A short story about an inter-dimensional assassin who is hired by a group of pirates to eliminate a local government official.

I was a reader for this one, and I think he did a damn good job, but since this is his first, we gave him this… So be gentle… or not… 🙂

And Joe Collins has a new book out too! Dauntless: The Pirate Wars

The blurb-

Dauntless, the United Confederation of Planets’ most powerful space based warship ever built by mankind, is on a training mission when she’s abruptly directed to an anomaly out past Mars. An unknown life force appears to be spreading mayhem and annihilation without pause.When she and her crew investigate, Dauntless finds herself in a horrific life or death battle. Not only her survival is at stake, but the 1,200 spacers, Marines, pilots and support staff’s lives are on the line. Dauntless fights with everything she has, reaching over and beyond the simple but life changing concepts of “Duty, Honor, and Selfless Commitment.” “I am Dauntless,” however, might not be enough to save Dauntless and all she represents against the overwhelming destruction facing her and her crew.

A I must say ‘we’ (that being us starving writers) DO appreciate the shekels you pass our way. We do work hard to write stuff that people want to read. We know we’re not big fish, hell, we aren’t even little fish… We’re more like minnows, and the competition is pretty stiff.

A long winded way of saying THANK YOU!


Book Promos… — 8 Comments

  1. Bought it and read it last night. Already left a review, I like it a lot. Hope he writes a full length book

  2. Bought the first one, still in the queue, will have to check out the second.

    I find myself reading and enjoying you and your friends works more than than I do a lot of the “Big Fish” authors. I also appreciate your sharing others works. So thank YOU for your efforts, I’m happy to toss some geld your way as a reward.

    The bad part is after reading some of you and your friends stories my muse (who I thought I had safely contained and shackled) is trying to escape.

    • Amazon has been called “the royalty recycling service” by more than one author… *wry and knowing smile*

  3. NRW- Thanks, and those pennies add up for us starving writers. LOL, come on in, the water’s ‘fine’… more or less…

    TXRed- Good point! 🙂

  4. Agree with NRW. After reading the book 8ttle fish, I’m even less inclined to read anyone promotes by the Big 5 houses or by the award winnere of the last 10 years, Dragon Award excepted. Spending a bit more overall but enjoying everything a whole lot more.

    The informal writers’ networks and recommendations are pure silver for all y’all. The lowest rating I gave for anything might have been three stars.

  5. PK- Thanks! At least you’re giving honest reviews AFTER actually reading the books… sigh

  6. Love his books but that is the silliest ship I have seen in a long time. Guns on it’s guns…
    on it’s guns