The Grey Man- Sunset…

Is alive!!!

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The blurb-

Whoever said retirement was quiet never met John Cronin…

The old man may have retired for the final time from the Sheriff’s office, but there are still cows to run, court cases to testify at, and consultation calls to tap decades of experience. And that’s not even counting the cold cases he’s still trying to solve…

With his granddaughter Jesse running the gun store and managing the ranch books, and her husband leaning how to fill Cronin’s shoes on investigations and arrests, John is keeping busy training the next generation, while settling a few old scores!

Also, all the other novels and novellas in the series are on sale through next Saturday, and can be found on my author page, HERE!!!

I would like to thank all of you that have hung with me through this series, and I truly appreciated all the comments I’ve received from y’all!

And one last thing- Honest reviews please. Us poor starving writers live and die by reviews, and the goals are 50 and 100 reviews, those help us get free marketing from Amazon!


The Grey Man- Sunset… — 13 Comments

  1. Congrats … Snagged a copy from Amazon before my second cup of coffee. Great way to start the day.

    Looking forward to this as my “Christmas treat.”

  2. Clicked on the pic; got my Kindle version. I will leave a review as soon as it’s read. Thank you again for all your hard work.

  3. I’ll leave a review, too, once I’ve read it through rather than skimmed it — but regarding the Afterword and the previous chapter — good buddy, I was really really worried about that. But You Nailed It!

  4. 50 and 100 reviews? Hell , I gave fifty four positive reviews of TGM-Sunset yesterday. Now I have to think up another 46 handles. Whew!
    Seriously, well done!

  5. One powerful ending. No spoilers here, just a fine ending, something that would make John Ford nod his head in approval.

    The best six book trilogy I’ve ever read.

  6. Thank You Sir, Can I have Another?

    Nice wrap up for the Grey Man series, you did a good job building a great fiction world. Now, before you get to old it’s time to start another if you wish or not if you don’t. I have reread the first six three times because they read easy and I like the folks and Texas. I stopped SiFi about 40 years ago and never could handle it, glad you can do it and other’s like it but I am old and settled in my ways.

    So once more; how about another maybe set up around Jack County where I once spent several days shooting deer on an exotic ranch once owned by good old Ross Perot but not when I was there. It was strange sitting in a deer build watching various African antelope, Wildebeest and Elk which we could not shoot grazing out in front of the stands.

    I also did some Corsican sheep hunting on a lease out of Alpine Texas years ago for a reasonable price and outside of Utopia where my son-in-law was on a lease for a number of years Aoudad sheep were considered varmints but other places people pay a real high price for those suckers. Mix expensive guns with expensive hunts and good guides along with oil money and the computer rich guys and you could have some new strange people to mess around with here in Texas.

    Thank You