Status on TGM- Sunset paperback…

Grrr… Been dealing with Amazon all week on this, nitpicks one after another. I had HOPED to have it up by Thursday, but obviously that didn’t happen. I think/hope it will be up today. If so, I will update the blog as soon as I get notified. But I DO have a picture…

Edit!!! It’s LIVE, finally. Click on the cover below for the link

If nothing else, look under my Amazon author page, HERE.

If you want to order a signed copy, it will be $17. Email me at my contact link on the blog here. I probably will NOT be able to get copies prior to Christmas (y’all can actually get them quicker than I can), but I will put an order in as soon as I get the okay to publish. I would guesstimate than the earliest I can probably get you a copy is the first week of January at the earliest.

Also, the sale on other books in the series ends today.

In other news, sales are going well, and so far nobody has threatened to shoot me over the ending… Yet… 🙂



Status on TGM- Sunset paperback… — 17 Comments

  1. Got the Kindle and as usual it was a great read. Since I hadn’t spent over 50 bucks with Amazon I was blocked when I tried to leave a review on Twilight. Just a thought, I could read another series that fills in between Twilight and Generations. Would also like to see Generations continued. Just a thought. Merry Christmaa, Feliz Navidad and Happy Chanukah!

  2. Read and reviewed on Kindle, loved it. No real problem with the non-ending for John Cronin, it leaves the possibility that you can return to him later.
    Second the call for more in the Generations series.

  3. Got a Kindle version the day it was released, and finally had time to finish it last night. Many mixed emotions about the non-ending, so ditto what John Sage said, above.

    I will leave a favorable review on Amazon, a bit later. Head’s still fuzzy this morning.

  4. I agree. Good book. Leaving John’s end as implied rather than explicit you have left an opening for further exploration. Old age and treachery beats youth and enthusiasm every time.

    I would like to see more of Generations but also more of the Rimworld series. You left just as it was getting verrrrrry interesting.

  5. I also got the kindle the first day … actually paid for it, too, none of that Unlimited crap. I enjoyed the book, although it was really just a bunch of short stories, most of which had already previewed here. Still, the characters keep me coming back.
    I’ll be buying the paperback in a minute, just so I will have them all and, frankly, to support Mr. Curtis, but I probably won’t be doing an Amazon review as a “meh” review is probably not what is needed.
    Still, we have to give thanks for a great series that gave us more than the author originally intended and stayed true to the characters and their code all the way.
    Can we expect to see more about Jace and that generation? That would be nice, but may be more than we can expect.
    Thanks for giving us the Grey Man.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    FInished the book, and I will leave a review as soon as I am able. Pretty good run, 6 books or was it seven for a trilogy. Like the way, you left it open ended….for a future book, once your muse flogs you in that direction, LOL

  7. Kenny- Thank you. I’ll think about it.

    Bob- Actually 8 counting the two novellas. Y’all are a HARD crowd!

  8. I’m having trouble identifying the first book in this series.
    Is it available for Kindle?
    Thank you.

  9. Glenn Webster – the first book was titled The Grey Man Vignettes – if I remember correctly.

    Old NFO – Sunset felt more like a return to the origin of Vignettes than any of the other books in the series; ultimately I thought that bookended things nicely. Thank you for entertaining us, and for making us think.


  10. Just left my review on Amazon UK. For me, a perfect end to the series due to the mysteries surrounding the Grey Man. More books, please. I don’t care if they extend the other series or start down a new path. Thanks for the enjoyment you brought with these.

  11. Congratulations on your new book printing – will be ordering very soon. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your writing THE GREY MAN and others. Your success is well deserved.

  12. It is rare to get so deeply involved in a series of books that I shed a tear when it comes to an end, but I did with this one. You, sir, have a talent from God on how to tell a story. Thank you for this series, and I hope you may pick it up again some day to continue the story into future generations.

  13. Read it/them, reviewed, waiting…sigh.
    Really would love to read more of ‘The morning the earth shook’.

  14. Enjoyed it and the review was submitted to the AU store. Takes a couple of days to be processed sigh. I thought the ending was appropriate for the character. sign me up as one of those who would like the Generations short to become a series.