Last interment on USS Arizona…

Two Army divers gave a unique World War II sendoff to USS Arizona crew member Lauren Bruner when his ashes were interred on the sunken battleship Saturday, the 78th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Mr. Bruner is one of the last four survivors of the USS Arizona from Dec. 7, 1941 and the last who wanted to be interred with his shipmates.

Full article, HERE.

Kudos to the Army divers who brought the old Mark 5s out of retirement to do the last one the old fashioned way.

Hand Salute!

Ready, Two. Rest in peace, Shipmate.


Last interment on USS Arizona… — 15 Comments

  1. My allergies seem to be acting up.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. ‘Eternal Father’, thanks to the mention of it at OldAFSarge’s place, is running through my head now.

    I visited the Arizona when I was 7, and remember looking down on her through oil-stained waters and trying to read each name on the memorial wall. She is still crying for her loss to this day. A hallowed place, and haunted.

    The WWII generation is almost gone. The world will be a darker, lonelier place without them.

  3. Thanks for posting that, NFO. When my wife and I went to Pearl a few years ago we spent half the day on the Missouri, and the other half at the Arizona memorial. She was worried I might be overcome with emotion, but I held up pretty well until I saw the oil coming to the surface…..

    • Every now and then some idjit green EPA freak wants to cut her up to release the last of the oil.

      So far common sense has prevailed. Thankfully.

      Too many Pacific wrecks have been raped by salvagers or scavengers or people with good intentions.

      Let the dead lie in peace, and let their tomb rot around them.

      Damn vultures.

  4. A friend was a piper with the USAF Pipes and Drums. They and USAF Band were en route to Australia in 1994(?) they played at the Arizona Memorial. Yes, they played Amazing Grace. He said only their professional training got them through the piece.

  5. Stretch- I’m not surprised. I’ve never been to another memorial that was as ‘quiet’ as the Arizona.