An outsider’s view of Sad Puppies…

NSFW due to language, but a total outsider’s take on the Sad Puppies/Hugo issue.

I think he pretty much nails it. And it’s truly sad when what Larry Correia said three years ago proved to be truth…

The loss of credibility of the Hugo awards is going to be significant, IMHO…


And another take, HERE, from Novel Ninja; another from Otherwhere Gazette, HERE. And one more, from The Federalist no less, HERE.

Stole this from The Drawn Cutlass

If you are a fan of science fiction and are upset at the results of the 2015 Hugo Awards – – if you believe that the Sad Puppies were treated with contempt and despite – – then, the next time you wish to purchase a book by one of the SJW’s who behaved in such a fashion, buy their book used instead of new, and deny them their book royalty. Amazon sells nearly all book titles used as well as new – – so why buy a John Scalzi, George “Rape-Rape” Martin, or any Tor imprint book new, when you can just as easily buy it used?

And, if you think this is a good idea, mention it on your own blog – – let the word go out that when writers treat their colleagues like dirt,that the fans notice it, and will take action. Peter has already called for a boycott of Tor over the Gallo comments.


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  1. Though I’m not involved in the politics of publishing at all and you know many of these authors personally, I’m sad that art can’t be judged on its face – good or bad. Much of that is subjective anyway.

    I think that it’s time to create a new award for excellence in Science Fiction and it can be called whatever — but it needs to be based on a fair (to the extent possible) evaluation of the writing.

    Tor is a contemptible publishing house and I don’t buy anything that they back as a matter course with the exception of buying John C. Wright’s work (digital). I make the exception for personal reasons.

  2. I’m glad I did all of my Tor published book reading via the take one/give one box on deployment #1

  3. Robert- You’re welcome sir!

    LL- Understood and agreed. John and L Jagi are good folks, and didn’t deserve what was done, much less that John and L Jagi are/were BOTH Tor writers!!!

    SPE- Ah yes, the spare books locker! 🙂 BTDT, many times!

  4. The Hugo award has no credibility for the average reader as it stands, that’s one of the reasons for the Puppies movement. When I was a lad, books that had won a Hugo were something to read. During my active duty time, I found that the award meant increasingly little, and for quite a while now it has meant a book I should avoid.

    We’ll see what happens next year. Personally, I will be sad no longer. It’s Rabid Puppies, and I’ll be bringing friends.

  5. I propose a NEW award. The Lex’s. During WWII the USS Lexington came back from damage again and again and went into the space age and beyond. She is STILL around as a Museum Ship and she still survives.

    I’d much rather have a Carrier statuette than a marital aid statuette anyday.

  6. Lots and lots of people are first finding out about this because of this years voting and much of the “SJW” side’s more rational arguments are being presented as if that had been their entire position the whole time. There also seems to be a tone in the reporting that the Hugos weren’t political UNTIL the Sad Puppies came along.

    The funny thing is it all started because someone told Larry Correia that he’d never win, regardless of being nominated, because of his politics and he created an experiment to test that premise. To prove if the Hugo nomination process and awarding was political and had been for a long time.

    The experiment succeeded beyond all expectations it seemed.