77 Minutes…

That is how long it took to change America forever…

Take a moment to pause and reflect on today’s 14th remembrance of 9/11. I would urge you in your own way and own time this Friday, to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice that day and for those that have given their all over these past 14 years in ensuring our freedoms and liberties have been maintained. Remember as well those brave men and women that continue to serve today in harm’s way to ensure that the ongoing conflicts remain an “away game” for the United States and allows each of us to enjoy our daily lifestyle in our own way.

We were challenged but not broken that fateful day, which changed the way we live and think forever. Each of us can recall exactly where we were when we learned of the horrific terrorist attacks occurring at the Twin Towers in NY, Pentagon, and an open field in Pennsylvania. We shall never forget September 11th, 2001 nor the 2977 victims of that tragic day. Take the time, right now, to recall where you were and your own personal reaction.

Remember and never forget. 

The timeline…
* 0846ET.  American Flight #11 impacts the World Trade Center North Tower, New York City
* 0903ET.  United Flight #175 impacts the World Trade Center South Tower, New York City
* 0937ET.  American Flight #77 impacts the Pentagon, Arlington, VA
* 1003ET.  United Flight #93 crashes in a field in Stonycreek Township, PA

77 minutes…


77 Minutes… — 9 Comments

  1. I’ll never forget. And now we have a president who is selling (and giving) weapons and cash to the same people who did the deed on 09/11/01.

  2. The greatest terrorist attack in the world and today’s sitting congress of idiots and buffoons in Washington are falling over each other to kiss terrorist nations’ asses. . .

    Not only did our elected idiots fail to learn anything, at least half of America failed to learn anything because it is that half that keeps the likes of Obama, Hillary, Kerry, McConnell, Boehner, et al employed, fat, happy and . . . dangerous to America.


  3. What ALL have said, including you, Jim!

    We The People need to strengthen our resolve – obviously Washington won’t.


  4. Yes how soon they forget.. And today on this solemn anniversary we bear Obama wants to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into our country….

  5. The majority of us reading your blog understand the realities of the world. The ones not reading it believe if they “feel” hard enough, they will get the reality they desire. Over at Common Dream is a headline, “Diplomacy Wins”. So did Neville Chamberlain.