Old stuff…

Starting to ‘collect’ all the things I have in various places…

Old farts should remember this one… πŸ™‚ We shot them in Jr. High and Boy Scouts!

NRA Target M34

It has one of these on top… Recognize it yet?

34 1

Yep, Remington NRA Target, Model 34!!!

Model 34 2

And I finally got my old 1911 back… It’s a beware of what you ask for situation…

Ask for an original sear to replace the flaky one in the gun, and you ‘might’ have to wait a while…

Like a YEAR! But my gunsmith found and original 1917 sear to replace the bad one!!! And he ‘reblued’ it. It’s not collector grade, it’s got some pits and other issues, but for a 6 digit 1911 (No A1), made in 1917-1918, and used for 97 years, I’ll keep it.

1911 right side

And those are the original grips too! Β 1911 left side

Trivia question- What’s missing off the left side of the frame???

If you guessed Property of the US Government, you would be right. The old boy that I got it from said his grandfather brought it back from WWI and apparently filed off the Property mark… Who knows why…

But it does still have the original HP stamped barrel, and all other parts except the recoil spring and sear are original to the gun! I also got Β three original mags with it. It will be making an appearance at the Blog Shoot next month HERE.


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  1. Very nice on both accounts. I wonder if they’ll let you shoot them in Amarillo? Yeah, it’s not like SoCal…

  2. I was gonna say the big scratched arc from some goober who didn’t take care when field stripping it!!

    That is one beautiful firearm.

  3. Yep, I was looking for the property stamp as well. I’ll have to check my old 1911, but it’s nowhere near the condition yours is in. I suspect mine went through several depot rebuilds before it was sold through the NRA, then someone chromed it like a Chevy bumper. Still, it’s a good shooter.

  4. Can’t shoot the Model 34 anymore in the BSA, has a tubep magazine. Hard to unload and show clear.

    I wonder in 100 years if people are going to glamour over M-9 Berettas like old Colts

  5. VERY nice!

    I used to know a guy who owned a ‘Property of the United States Government’, Vietnam-era issue.

    Except all the finish had been worn off!
    He still carried and short her.


  6. LL- I don’t see that being a problem πŸ™‚

    STx/Rev- Thanks! All credit goes to the gunsmith!

    Paw- Ouch! But yes, they’ll still shoot! πŸ™‚ This one is even still fairly tight! πŸ™‚

    SPE- You can load and show clear after fifteen rounds! πŸ™‚ And NO!!!

    gfa- Yep, they’ll run for a LONG time!

    WSF- Less than one… dammit…

  7. I have a Remington Model 34 that belonged to my great uncle. It doesn’t have the fancy sight, but is a very nice shooter nevertheless.