Veteran’s Day… — 25 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Very cool video….nice effect….I figured that you preferred the monochrome for your video’s since color wasn’t invented yet when you started flying;) And seriously though….Thanks for serving

  2. Thanks! I guess it’s a good thing that Civilians don’t know, “what they don’t know !!

  3. Gerry- And to you sir.

    Mrs.C/Robert/gfa- Thanks!

    Bob- 😛 And thanks for your service too!

    Woody- Yep…

  4. great video, thanks for posting and we are indebted to you for your service.

  5. Thanks for sharing, and Thank you for your service, and sacrifice.

  6. Thank you for doing what you did, sir. I always watched the P-3s taking off/landing on Adak, and wanted to go along … at least once. I heard the stories when the pilots gathered, and it still didn’t diminish my desire to go.

    I’ve always been dense like that. 🙂

    But you did it, and I’m grateful.

  7. Very nice video! Damn dusty in this room…

    Thank you for your service sir, and all you continue to do each day to remind the rest of us about the military.

    Now I need to go call Dad…


    • Here’s a quick idea…mom has dad writing his autobiography so us kids and the rest of the family can have it…I had a grandfather who did this and it was pretty neat…Anyways,
      if you and Rev Paul and all your other fellow bloggers wrote down 1 story/experience/fond memory of your time in the service, I bet you could come up with a book’s worth pretty easily. Also think all of your many fans would love to buy it. 🙂 Bet if you passed around a bottle of something alcoholic, you would get a great number of stories…the names could even be changed to protect the guilty…

      But first, you would have to finish the next Grey Man. 🙂

      Just a wild idea.


  8. JUGM/Dammit/Suz- Thank you!

    Rev- All you had to do was ask! 🙂

    Suz- That could be interesting… 😀

    Paw- And to you sir!

  9. Hmmm….first comment never made it…

    Thank you ALL for your service!

    P3’s carried Mavericks? Was this before the Harpoon was in service?

  10. All- Thanks! drjim- Both… 🙂 I fired 4 ‘Poons over the years…

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