Not doing this again…

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There’s a bed under there somewhere…

Pretty much every room looks like this. Boxes and more boxes. And I think 20% of the total weight is nothing but packing material… sigh

Found the coffee, the coffee maker, but I can’t find the @#&^%# coffee pot!!! Dammit…

Why do I have a box labeled shoes in the kitchen? And one labeled kitchen in the bedroom??? But so far everything is here, and nothing appears to be damaged! Yea!!!

FYI, I used Allied Moving, and they have done an excellent job. Prompt (matter of fact they delivered a day early on the back end), did a good job of packing, kept good records, were actually careful with my stuff.

Sadly, lack of blogging/commenting will continue until I get this place unpacked…

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Not doing this again… — 19 Comments

  1. Don’t they understand that coffee is the lifeblood of the Navy?

  2. LL. Yep, and if you can see the bottom of the cup then you are not making it right.
    How to learn to drink black coffee the Navy way.
    Step one.
    Be on a carrier in the far east Med while the Turks and Greeks are having problems on Cyprus.
    Step two.
    The carrier runs out of sugar and creamer for coffee messes.
    Step three.
    Go on watch in the engineering spaces for the mids or the four to eights.
    Step four.
    Drink black coffee with all its subtle nuances of evaporator distilled water, and essential oils that leach out of a coffee pot that might have gone ’round the world with the Great White Fleet.
    Step five.
    Try coffee with cream and sugar and realize it is too sweet and does not taste “right.”
    Step six.
    Finally come to the realization that the proper cup of black Navy coffee not only supports a spoon, and lets it stand straight up, but will dissolve a stainless steel spoon in short order.

    Merry Christmas all!

  3. Step One: Find the nearest coffee shop to home.
    Step Two: Open one box at a time…
    Step Three: Find the box with the Motrin/Heating pad in it…

    The worst part of moving (besides the aches and pains) is after you have gotten to your new place and unpacked, is remembering where you put stuff in your new place, cause stuff never fits the same in the new house as it did in the old one…

    On the plus side, moving (especially after being someplace for a while) is a great motivator for not buying more stuff. Folks have gotten gifts of food/candy/giftcards/checks or other presents from me that can be used up and tossed…or ebooks over the last 3 years since I did my last major move. An attitude reinforced by spending most of November helping my folks downsize out of a 9 room farmhouse into a 1 bedroom senior apartment.

    Take the occasional break to go visit your new Texas neighbors and enjoy the holiday season. After all, you ARE retired now, ya don’t need to get it all done yesterday ;).


  4. Put all boxes in an empty room. Only open a box if you are in dire need of its contents e.g. the coffee pot. After a year, load all boxes in your truck(you moved to Texas, you have one of those don’t you?) and deliver to your favorite charity.

  5. LL- Guess not, the pot was in a different box from the coffee maker, and both of those were in a different box from the coffee… sigh

    John- Oh so true! 🙂

    Suz- You got that right… I’m finding ‘threes’ of things… sigh

    Juvat- Already did that… LOL I’m keeping what I have!

  6. Well, I think coffee machines and coffee should be packed on person so that these issues do not arise. LOL. Hope your feet have landed in a place you will call home and don’t have to do this again. Merry Christmas!

  7. John in Philly is correct, and it all applies to me too – except I was on one of the tin cans supporting the carrier during the Cyprus uprising in ’74. Fortunately, the 32-cup coffee pot in our four-man office never ran out. Coffee & lots of Saltines, and a Chief who brought his own supply of coffee, sugar, and creamer. It was still black, but it wasn’t bad. Strong enough to remove tooth enamel, though. 🙂

  8. one thing I learned from my six moves cross the country in the past four years. Germany > Washington, Washington > Hawaii, Hawaii > Washington, Washington > South Carolina, South Carolina > Arizona, Arizona to Washington(hopefully last move for a while).

    Is one box is my must have moving box it has the following.
    1 changes of cloths.
    1 new roll of toilet paper
    Bathroom stuff
    2 good towels.
    1 bottle of 500mg aspirin
    1 hot water kettle
    1 french press
    1 new can of coffee
    2 coffee mugs.
    4 new light bulbs(why do new apartments and house not have light bulbs in the fixtures?)

    This box goes in the truck with me, or in a suitcase when flying, so when I get on the ground at my new place, I am ready to live with out too much unpacking.

    • +1 for Dag. That “necessary” box has always travel with me personally and saved me more than once. (29 moves in) And quit holler’n “Dammit” unless ya really want me there…

  9. Remember 3 is 2, 2 is 1 and 1 is none…

    Or, in your case, I’m sure the reason you have 3’s of everything is that in your previous life you were frequently on the road, and shopping for groceries was low on your list of stuff to do…so if you bought triples of stuff (coffee for example), when you got in late, you had coffee and fixings when you woke up bright and early before stores were open. Or, you always had beverages around when the party wound up at your house…lol

    Be patient, you’ll get through it all. I have confidence in you 🙂


    PS: I always made sure there was a hammer and pliers in that “necessary” box also.

  10. Empathy from here, but no sympathy. 23 addresses in 29 years 4 months 16 days’ service. I have declared to all nearby that I will die on my back patio at my present residence. I refuse to pack and unpack another box. EVER.

    Merry Christmas on your first Christmas in your new home. Make it a memorable one.

  11. Fargo- Working on it… 🙂

    Rev- LOL, we did that on airplanes too!

    daga- I had ‘most’ of that… Missed the percolator, they packed the damn thing and I missed it.

    Dammit- LOL, I’ve moved enough to ‘know’ better, just doesn’t always work out the way we want.

    Rick- There IS that issue… sigh

    Suz- I always have a tool kit in the truck. 🙂

    Euripides- Damn near! 🙁

    WSF- Moving out yes, moving in not so much…LOL

    Bob- I hear ya! This is my last one!!!

  12. Hey look it’s “Dependent Christmas” ON Christmas!