And now the ‘fun’ begins…

New plates, new driver’s license, buying food… etc…

OBTW, and doing this Christmas week, with everybody and their brother out shopping; hitting the malls, being stupid in traffic, and most of all, getting ‘gift’ receipts.

Do you how long it takes when SIX people all want gift receipts from the one harried salesperson? 28 minutes, not that I was counting… sigh

By the time you read this my furniture will hopefully be delivered. Nothing like getting a crew on a backhaul going home to ‘speed up’ delivery! 🙂

Again my apologies for the lack of commenting/posting. Hopefully tomorrow, if I’m not totally worn out.

Thanks to all for the nice comments and welcome to Texas! 🙂 And yes, I will be taking y’all up on the various invitations, as soon as I get settled and get book four out!!!


And now the ‘fun’ begins… — 12 Comments

  1. Well, furniture is important but, maybe a quick writing area made up from ammo cans and get cracking on book four! (smile)

    Looking forward to a couple of photos of “Casa del Hombre Gris”.

    And in a perfect world of starting to put stuff away from scratch, you might just possibly get close to the ideal of a place for everything and everything in its place.

    The world we all live in though is much closer to to much stuff and not enough room for it all.

    And I am not just talking about guns and shooting stuff, the lifelong goal of owning the “right” tool for every conceivable job has also contributed to owning way to much stuff.

    (And if you are stowing tools in roller tool cabinets, I suggest putting enough scrap wood under the front rollers to make the drawers self closing. Short story is that as of a few days ago the wife’s car acquired some front end scratches, but luckily nothing broken and no injuries.)

    Have a great Christmas in the new home.

  2. At this point in my life, I make it a point to stick to a modest routine during the Christmas Season that includes calking off/loafing. You can’t do that this year because you’re in the moving mode (insanity) and have heavy demands. BUT next year, it won’t be so crazy.

    I’m glad that you’re sinking your roots in Texas soil! And I’m looking forward to seeing you next year when I’m in town.

  3. John- Good point on the roller cabinets… And furniture is 30 minutes out!!!

    LL- Yep, hair on fire mode, what little I have left! Looking forward to 2016! See you then!

  4. Again my apologies for the lack of commenting/posting

    Could that be shortened to “comm-posting”? I used to work with a number of people who elevated that to an art form, no matter which definition one used….

    Anyway, congrats on a successful escape from “work” (which is still a four-letter word) and setting up in Free America.

  5. Take your time getting settled in. It will save time and energy later on if you do it right to begin with. But glad you are getting settled in on your Ponderosa. In all the goings on, I hope you have a Merry Christmas figured in. Blessing, Mate!

  6. NFO, you are a blessing and a bright spot in our lives – not in the least because you’re a month ahead of us, so you can blaze the trail and report back! “To heck with the 347 options, just pick this one. It works.”

    *hugs* May your clerks and bureaucrats all want to get home enough they don’t dawdle in getting you what you want, as well! And may the many small fires be out by Christmas!

  7. Now the fun begins. And BTW, welcome to Texas. I don’t say that lightly. I have a real issue with all the wack jobs that have come here. Most have been yankees. You pass muster.

  8. Brother, I am right there with you. We just did the same at the end of last month, but from the Left Coast. All of our grown kids live in the DFW area, and we will have pretty good backup—one of the officers in the background is our daughter—

    As to Randy’s comment about incoming whack jobs, point taken. We did not leave Kalifornia. It left us. I am no stranger to Texas, and my lineage runs deep here.

    If you enlarge the map, you will see the name A. R. Roessler. Scroll down to read about him. He and his wife had two children, Edward and Josephine. Josephine married a Scotsman named Charles Downie. They were my great grandparents (mother’s side). Google Charles Downie and Terrel county. Hopefully I will pass muster.

  9. One more thing—Just whose flippin’ idea was it to bring all these ammo cans? Oh. Heh, (cough-cough). Right.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  10. CP- Thanks!

    Wing- I’m thinking more the canary in the coal mine…LOL

    Randy- Thanks!

    RHT- Yep, some history there too! 🙂 The photobomb is funny as hell!

    NC- Working on it…:-)