Good food, good friends…

It doesn’t get any better…

House is still a mess, but at least it’s a ‘clean’ mess… 🙂 Got some very nice housewarming gifts (pictures later).

Cooked a gumbo to feed the crowd last night, and was hoping for leftovers. I shoulda known better… Sigh… At least others brought dessert and munchies! 🙂

More running around yesterday, plus cooking, plus dinner and conversations that went long into the night make for a tired puppy this morning. At dinner last night I asked the ladies if they would help hang pictures, and they gleefully (maybe a little TOO gleefully) agreed. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound!

Today we’ve vowed to try to take it easy and just relax for a bit. That’ll be nice, since I’ve been going hard since I got here, and Peter and Dot have been busting ass all week closing and getting details taken care of on their new house before they leave to go finish packing out and the rest of the move.

The other driver was the weather is supposed to get a bit worse, with rain/snow mix today, which means staying off the roads as much as possible.

Oh yeah, one last bitch… Got the COBRA thingie from the insurance people… For ONLY $879/mo (to start), I can continue my medical plan the company had for me… NOT!!!

Since I have TRICARE, I did a supplemental to that for $55/mo that is damn near as good and only a $250 deductible. I just cannot believe the insanity of the prices now for insurance coverage!!!


Good food, good friends… — 12 Comments

  1. COBRA has always been way too expensive, to the point that it is un-affordable for any family. It is good that you have TRICARE… or you might have to go on ObamaCare.

  2. Insurance is very expensive. ObamaCare only made a bad situation worse, which is what ALWAYS happens when the government steps in. Those same people who couldn’t make a website that work wanted to manage your money and your health…

  3. Wonder how insurance got so high? NOT!
    After I was laid off, I got the COBRA thingy. Was $500 then, and I was disabled and making 60% less.
    It didn’t happen.
    The Administration is all about ‘leveling the playing field’.
    With ANGOLA!


  4. My first exposure to COBRA was after leaving the Navy; they wanted more than my monthly income to continue the coverage. Didn’t happen. These days, I’m on my 4th insurance plan in three years, due to job changes, and my coverage went from “pretty decent” to “pretty poor” in that time.

    It sounds like you’re suffering from an embarrassment of riches in the friends department, and that’s a GOOD thing.

  5. If they make everyone seeking private insurance hurt, they can pass government-controlled insurance and make everyone in the whole country hurt. But the playing field will at least be “level”. Rock bottom usually is at least level.

    But what do you need insurance for? You’re damned near immortal!

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Glad you are getting settled in and Peter and Miss D are fixing to head to the old homestead to finish the process of moving to the Lone Star State, I am almost envious….to consider changing jobs to move out there.;)
    I do wonder why you need insurance…when you were the right hand man with Dewey in Manila bay…according to Mac, you would give lazurus Long a run for it.

    Just saying…..;)

  7. All- Agreed on COBRA…

    Murph/Bob- 😛

    Ed- I’m not to the taking it easy part yet… sigh

  8. Remember the first promise of free medical care for life if we spent most of our productive adult years with Uncle Sam? We joined his club, right?

    Years later there was another medical care promise and they called it COBRA.

    We didn’t find out they were *both* lies until too late. Unfortunately you are now a member of the club, too. I’d say “welcome” but I don’t want the membership any more than you do. I did COBRA for 30 days and ran as fast as I could.

  9. Rick- YEah…

    Ev- Yep, still gun salesman of the year! 🙂

    Bob- That’s what I’m doing too…