Yep, I’m going to like it here…

JD Kinman flew over and we had lunch and a good chat today.

Of course I had to take him for BBQ, y’all know how that is…

Rafter J

We came back to the house and sat for a couple of hours talking writing, people, shooting, the area here, and of course flying and the military.

He has an idea for us to basically form our own writer’s workshop here, considering that Peter and Dot, myself and a couple of other ‘unnamed’ but hopefully soon to be writers are all in the same area.

We also talked about reviews and why you don’t read them, and authors who mostly get it right, but occasionally let a whopper get through…

Come to find out Larry Correia has also helped JD, like he’s done with me. For somebody that is supposedly the ILOE, seems like he’s doing a lot of good for those of us who just like to write good fiction… Who’d a thunk it…

I ‘think’ I got talked into a trip to Dallas to go shooting with a few revolvers sometime in the near future too… (One of these days I’ll learn to keep my yap shut… Or not…)

It was a good time, and I know ‘I’ enjoyed it immensely! And JD and his wife are also dog people, so looks like I’ll end up getting help from them on a puppy or larger for the house later this year.


Yep, I’m going to like it here… — 18 Comments

  1. If we measured the amount of pressure needed to get one of the gun tribe to go shooting, we will find it to be so small that it could not be measured by any known scientific instrument. (yocto something or the other?)

    I talked briefly to Larry Correia at a book signing, he comes across as a great guy and a class act.

  2. I think a writer’s group sounds most wonderful. Too bad you weren’t still in this area, I would ask to join up with all of you!

  3. Remember when I asked for help about the price for ammo from a friend of mine who can’t shoot anymore?
    A neighbor friend read it and turns out he has a friend who wanted to part with 2500 rounds of .22LR (which I scored).
    So now I have both lots and just need .22 pistol.
    Thinking Chiappo or 22/45 or Woodsman or Mark III Standard.

  4. Larry is helping writers! Woo hoo!

    Ahem, Larry is helping “GOOD” writers. Dangit, lets me out again.

  5. BBQ joint noted; we were looking at land in Seymour a few years back – in TX terms, just down the road. If you get in shooting distance from Austin, let us know. We’ll get some decent BBQ and discuss the Army/USAF/Navy comparison. 🙂

  6. John- He is!

    Dammit- Getting there!

    Rev- LOL

    Jenn- It’s coming!

    Ed- 22/45 is the most affordable, and a good variety of selections too!

    Rick- Of course! 🙂

    Laura- This spring I’ll be down in Austin. 🙂 County Line???

    • I’ll wait to hear word of your arrival! County Line ain’t bad – I like Mueller’s in Taylor, too. A peppery crusted brisket…

  7. I’ll second OldNFO’s recommendation on a 22/45.

    Controls are different but sorta in the same place as on God’s own pistol, and it doesn’t have the magazine disconnect with which the Mark III is “blessed”.

    I love mine, even though my son shoots it more – I started him on it before he was grown enough to handle a full-size, heavier-caliber pistol.

  8. It was sure enough a great time. Already checking my schedule and wx forecasts for future trips out.

    LauraB–I am VERY familiar with Seymour. My grandparents lived there until they passed away in 2002. I’ve flown into that little airport more times than I can count. Bought my pickup trucks from Gene Robinson, had more prescriptions filled at Baylor Drugs and ate more meals at the Rock Inn café than I care to confess.


  9. Oh, JD, let me tell you…I still regret not buying that sweet little place – it was a complete teardown but it had everything a person could want including a storm shelter. Sigh…I believe we ate at the café before leaving town. We just couldn’t get one of the troopers there to leave and open up a slot. Ha! If you hear of an old timer looking to sell up that way we’d be glad to hear about it.