In flooring, not the other kind…

A question came up with respect to matching transitions to the floor color when we were doing the laminate flooring for Peter and Dot.

On the right side of the pic, you can see the corner of the hearth…

floor is done

Due to some issues Peter has, we discussed various options for transitions and I proposed doing a contrasting transition, like the one below.

Tranisiton to hearth

My rationale, which both Peter and Dot approved of, was to call attention to the transition, so they would pay attention to it, lessening the chance of a trip hazard.

I got outvoted though… I wanted to do them in purple with stripper dust… 🙂

In other transition news, it looks like both political parties are being ‘transitioned’ by the primary caucuses in Iowa and the way they are being conducted, including who is participating!!!

Going to be an interesting year…

It now appears Hildabeast had at least 1500 classified emails on her home brew server, and now the TS and above count is around 50 emails. My personal opinion, State ‘knew’ what she was doing, and basically turned a blind eye to it, as did the administration. I don’t know who threatened or blackmailed who, but this had to be pretty high up. “Most” of the government takes security pretty seriously, or at least it used to…




Transitions… — 15 Comments

  1. Good idea on the transitions. Safety and eye appeal.

    Just a little puzzled as to why purple, dust, and what I can only guess is paint stripper are used in the same sentence. (wide eyed innocent stare)

  2. Well, you keep your Beretta high on your chest rig, because if your sitting in a Stryker, its kinda hard to get to your hip or thigh rig…

    Oh, transitions, like on the floor, hell, my house is a mess of open cracks between hard wood, tile, and door thresholds. Finishing work requires patience and precision. I’d much rather concentrate on stripper dust.

  3. John- Sure… sure… Once a sailor, and all that 🙂

    MW- He got a post up, so it’s working!!!

    SPE- That too! 🙂 Although I can’t find my chest rig now… sigh… I don’t think your SO would ‘approve’ of stripper dust on the collar…LOL

  4. Re: transition strips … we recently re-covered the stairs in my building, and included the mandatory strips at the edge of the landings. Immediately got a complaint from a lady who claimed it “almost” made her trip, demanding that we remove them. I had to explain twice that it’s there to provide a warning to the seeing-impaired that there’s a drop-off on the other side, so they don’t tumble down the stairs.

    I approve of high-visibility transitions, and the one pictured here is both that & aesthetically pleasing. Well done.

  5. I agree. Stripper dust always makes a place look classy.

    As for the Clinton email kerfluffle, this may get more interesting as we get further into the primaries and closer to the election.

  6. If any of us “little people” had committed the felonies in question, ‘wedhave been tossed into the deepest, darkest, dankest cell in the fed prision system, and promptly forgotten about.

    I say The Hildebeast deserves the same…..

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    You done good on the transitions…not a bad job …for a squid;) Although you would have a lot of practice from setting the cornerstone of the pyramids. I saw on the news that Hillary poll workers were caught committing fraud in several precincts. We are no longer a nation of laws…but a nation of men…if we did what Hillary did, we would be in the hole at Leavenworth confinement barracks….I guess it is good to be a 1%er

  8. Very nice transition!! Bet the problem with your suggestion wasn’t with the stripper dust but with the purple…must not go with the curtains they wanted…whatcha think? Lol


  9. OldNFO, if I was in your position to install a transition without the homeowner being present, I’d have installed the beautiful transition that you did, then cover it in blue painters tape (low tack) then something REALLY UGLY over that. Paint or duct tape. Maybe yellow/black safety tape?
    But older/wiser head did prevail. You’re just too kind…

  10. All- Thanks for the comments, and frankly we ran out of time… Otherwise I WOULD have done at least one of them… 🙂

    Posted from my iPhone.