What the…

Frack is going on???

If I’m retired, WHY am I so damn busy?

Or maybe I should ask why am I in the handbasket and where are we going???

I only got about 1000 words in today, between all the other crap going on (have I mentioned how much I hate toilet repairs??? Especially oddball ones, that go THROUGH the wall?

It’s pay the man time, and the replacement is EXPENSIVE!!! Plus the tile repair and, and, and… Of course the HOW doesn’t pay @#%@(&*… But they basically cover the tile repair, and $60 of the first $80 of the first service call.

The rest is on me… Oh well… Time to suck it up.

On a brighter note, it’s really interesting when the conversations get to flowing over dinner. Digressions are the norm, and ‘some’ of the ratholes include music, origins of the English Language (digressions into Latin, Germanic, and French influences). Wine, liquors, and ‘other’ spirits. Which then segue into movies, followed by guns, and… 😀

Going to hit the range this weekend, I know ‘I’ need a frustration break, and get some trigger time. I need to shed some ‘rust’…


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  1. Insert all appropriate (inappropriate) puns here about toilet repairs and crappy jobs.
    When we get around to doing the bathroom over, we will take the opportunity to fix whatever problem in the wall that causes the sink drain to block. (so far talking about doing the bathroom over has been going on for about twenty five years)
    Whatever this problem is, no attempt to snake it clear from the bathroom has been successful.
    Thus, an access port has been cut in the cast iron drain pipe in the basement.
    The good news is this is above the tie in for human waste. (Any day without suiting up in Hazmat gear is a good day).
    And I heard it suggested that the acronym on ships, CHT (Collection, Holding, and Transfer) should be changed to Sewage Handling Internal Transfer.
    Just saying.
    When we changed the toilets we did think ahead and get the toilets that are made to give easier access for older people, not that WE need them of course.

  2. You thought that retirement would bore you. All this time it’s work that bored you and now you can do stuff that you ignored.

    But since your writing public is clamoring for the next novel, I think that you should focus on that (note my selfish interest here).

  3. I know there must be a “Murphy’s Law” thing centered around home ownership where any repair needs are in the most inconvenient and hardest to get to location that will cause more damage and cost more money to fix than the actual part or whatever actually cost. Yeah, the range sounds like a great stress reliever.

  4. John- LOL, so ‘one’ day you’ll get around to it, right? And agree on the CHT change!!! 🙂

    LL- Workin’ on it boss…

    WSF- Heard that!

    CP- I’m betting there is… Looking forward to the range time!!!

  5. I can handle smallish carpentry jobs & residential wiring. Plumbing is NOT my forte’, and I leave it to the (expensive) professionals. Having said that, bathroom tile generally sucks.

    I highly recommend the range time – it worked for me, last week, and I’m much better now. Mentally, that is; the pistol marksmanship had evaporated. But the first shot from the M1 restored my grin, and so it will for you.

  6. Heh. I’ve warned others on their way out the door not to think that they won’t have anything to do.

  7. I’ve got two sections of drain tile collaped with roots.
    One under the neighbors driveway and the other under the ceramic tiled floor of my addition.
    I am at a loss.

  8. Rev/Ed- Agreed! At least it’s a little warmer here!

    PH- That you did… sigh

    Ed- Ouch! I’m not sure on that either… Roto Rooter???

    Rick- LOL

  9. On the plumbing side, Pex and Sharkbite fittings work well.
    Flexible supply lines are time and effort savers too.
    Drain lines run at about a angle of quarter inch per foot down stream.
    Vent lines drain back towards the sewer lines, you don’t want a puddle to form in a vent as they can form a frozen plug.
    A Rigid 66807 under sink wrench is a good tool to have.

  10. Jon- While I ‘know’ those things, I’m paying the man to get it right… LOL And I’m going to get one of those wrenches, as it seems mine has gone ‘missing’…