Strange bullets…

Did anybody that went to SHOT see this???

While I don’t really see it as a self-defense round, I can see other applications, like drones, or taking out an entire window…

I’m not sure how stable this would actually be in the real world either. Apparently they also make one for a 12Ga too!

HERE is the link from All Outdoors.

Ouch, apparently is pretty pricey too!



Strange bullets… — 16 Comments

  1. And I thought chain shot went out of fashion when sail powered warships became obsolete. (and for the record, that was long before my time.)

    Jumped over to the link and watched the anti drone video.
    I don’t think I would like to work with a partner that casually points his 40 MM launcher back over his shoulder.
    Did not see anything about the range. But if the wire carrying fragments are swirling through a six foot diameter circle, they have to be spending a lot of kinetic energy.

    And the legal aspects of a round that seems built to wound would be a nightmare.

    The anti drone/quadrotor market would seem ripe for an interceptor drone.

    One of the subjects discussed during breaks on the range, was the shrinking size of guided munitions. We figured that in the not very distant future the 12 gauge slug would be a folding fin round that guided onto the dot from your laser.

  2. They lost me as soon as they said you don’t have to aim.

  3. Well let me see here. A box of 50 cost $190. That’s around $3.80 per. A box of 1,000 45’s cost $309.99. That’s $.31 per. I think I could put three rounds in a target 15 feet away for $.93 and save $2.87 over their one shot. But whose counting?

  4. Ed- Probably… And the drone wars one is funny!

    John- Yep, kinda my thoughts too… LGR for a 12 ga would be interesting… You’d need nano tech to make it work at that size.

    David- Agreed!

    Gerry- That too!!!

    Paw- Gunny is good folks!

    CP- There IS that… 🙂

  5. I’d rather use a shotgun. Cheaper and, I’d think, more reliable.

  6. JMI- Agreed on all counts!

    Glenn- Thanks, I missed that one. I’m looking at #1 buck now days.

  7. As to the shotgun load, years ago, living in an apartment, I tested loads to decide what to use there, with a dummy wall at the range, 15′ out, with a layer of cardboard 4′ behind it to gauge the retained energy of the shot.

    I settled on #6 hi-brass heavy squirrel loads, as doing the most damage in the room, and the (relatively) least at the cardboard.

    Now living in a brick house with a yard, I load 6 #1 buck backed by 2 sabot slugs.

    Thanks to both the host and the commenters.


    – and sorry if this is reposted – the text seemed to disappear when I tried to post

  8. JP- Thanks! I did something similar, if not quite as scientifically as you did. I ended up with four number four shot, two number one buck and two slugs.