The party and Phlemfest 2016!!!  Peter has been commenting on it when he had time, HERE. And so has Lawdog, HERE.


I’ve been slaving over a hot smoker… starting at 0610 Saturday morning…

PF 1

1500 Saturday afternoon… FINALLY done…PF 2

The last slice of  brisket… It lasted all of about 15 minutes…PF 3

Remember all that food from Saturday’s picture???

We ran out… AD and his lovely lady made a food run and she kicked me out of my own kitchen and made this lasagna appear! 🙂

Which lasted about 20 minutes…PF 4

People were down to scrabbling through the desserts, munchies, etc. for food…

I can now say the house has been well and truly broken in! And not a single visit by the local constabulary…


I’m gonna go take a nap now…


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  1. In a Down under accent, “This is a smoker.” It looks big enough to get some use in Jurassic Park. Add a little filigree and you have a definite Victorian Steampunk vibe.

    Looks like a great time was had.

  2. The recovery period will be filled with good time memories. I’m glad everyone had a fun filled weekend and I’m also sure everyone is looking forward to next year!

  3. “And not a single visit by the local constabulary…”
    Obviously, you failed!

    Wish I lived closer…


  4. If you’re not blind for three days after the party, I ask myself how much fun you really had?

    Sounds like tons of fun and the smoke ring on that meat says it all.

  5. Excellent job on the brisket, looks good. Maybe when we get all our stuff done here, I may get a chance to cook one.

  6. Yum! Wonderful for you to have so many good friends after planting yourself in new surroundings!

  7. All- Thanks! Dammit, actually there were a few here… 🙂 Ratus…LOL

    Posted from my iPhone.

  8. Nice smoke ring on that brisket. I love a good brisket and so few do it well…

  9. Mrs.C- Both of them disappeared QUICKLY! 🙂

    JMI- I’ve had a bit of practice…

    Ed- Thanks!