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Mk I Spitfires of 610 Squadron flying a defensive patrol low over the White Cliffs during the height of the Battle of Britain in August 1940.

They normally flew both a low and a high patrol at least twice a day.


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  1. The Spitfire wasn’t a great combat aircraft because of its short legs, but it was a beautiful combat aircraft.

  2. Mk1 Spitfire had a two blade prop and six manifolds to a side. That looks like a Mk II or Mk IIb (mirror on the canopy, “London fog” spark arrestor manifolds) Possibly even a Mk III. IMO the artist “mixed up” the aircraft types as the picture seems to represent a “Spit” with a “Bubble Hood” canopy. A thing not yet invented in 1940 and not fitted to the Mk I’s at all as they were “out of active service” by the time that modification got out to the squadrons.

  3. LL- True!

    Ray- Good point, I hadn’t really looked closely at it!

    Stretch- Agreed!

    Rick- And proud of it!!!

  4. Poobie- I just heard a little bit ago. Amazing career, and an amazing gentleman from all reports. May he Rest In Peace.

  5. since my oldest does airplane models my brother in law gave him the book ” Flying Aces: Aviation Art of WWll” By Kitchens and Nally…

    I need to do a blog post about it, because the art work in it is so colorful and simply amazing.. I will add that if my son could go back in time, he would be a Corsair Pilot…he loves that plane.