Third time’s a charm…

FINALLY have a complete kitchen again…

First it was the wrong oven (too big), then it was a bent up range hood, and finally today…


Now to get the new backsplash in… Sigh…

It’s a never ending saga!

But at least I can now SEE what I’m cooking. Maybe that will help! 🙂

Heavy weather expected today, so I’ll probably be staying off the computer most of the day… Time to get some reading done!!!


Third time’s a charm… — 20 Comments

  1. Our new stove/range has way more electronics than the old one. I was passing through the kitchen and I heard a kind of low droning sound that repeated twice. Finally I traced the noise to the new appliance, and you guessed it.

    It was a hum, hum on the range.

    And you are so correct, home ownership is a never ending saga.

  2. I like the oven being up high. My back won’t let me bend over to use one now days. Not that I would do anything like cooking. That is Judy’s job. But I can make a great cup of coffee with my Keurig. I like the brick wall, too.

  3. Once everything is finally done, something will break or you’ll need to start over…you can’t win against entropy.

  4. Ick, electric range!

    Seriously, glad it’s coming together. I’ll have to get my poo in a ball and figure out a time to come visit some time soon, since I had to miss the tribe’s gathering.

  5. The remodel/repairs never end. We started with replacing the kitchen sink, which lead to tiling the kitchen counters, which lead to tiling the bathrooms, which lead to building a new deck, which lead to building a chicken castle, which lead to a divorce…

  6. John- ROTF… So bad… 🙂

    CP- Yep, definitely easier on the back!

    LL- Oh ‘thanks’… sigh… But you’re right!

    FG- 😛 Considering the cost of plumbing for gas, I’ll live with the electric, thank you very much! The spare bedroom is always available.

    Jenn- Finally! 🙂

    Dammit- LOL, I don’t have to worry about that!

  7. We’ve opted to follow Peter’s advice & opt for homebuyer’s insurance on all the appliances in the new house. $100 deductible per occurrence, but that beats $3200 for a new fridge.

    Glad you got yours back to spec. Cook on!

    • Just realized I used “opt” twice in the first sentence, above. Too morning; can’t brain. Send coffee.

  8. That’ll do nicely.

    Range hoods should be fairly simple. One switch for the light, one switch for the fan. What else is needed, really?

    And, yeah, having an oven at work level is a blessing.

  9. Oven height I like, as I learned in theater painting: “Never bend over.” Too bad about the electric cook-top, but I have a plumber friend and would never go back.
    We used a piece of stainless for the backslash in Googlopolis.

  10. I feel the pain, I’m way past the 3rd time us a charm with our new dishwasher. Back and forth with plumbers and Sears. Used it twice the past month. The owner of the home builder does not like me

  11. All- Thanks! Miguel, the smoker is too big to fit in there…LOL

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. Reminds me of my parent’s kitchen in the house I grew up in.

    I always liked the stove built-in at the level.

  13. For a backsplash for a sister’s kitchen, we went to a metal recycling business and got a sheet of stainless steel bigger than the wall area. That wall was carefully measured very precisely, and a sketch was taken to a machine shop with some CNC cutters. With the top edge fitting behind the hood, we didn’t even have to mount it, as it fit perfectly. Even had the wall electrical outlet opening cut just right. (odd place for an outlet, I thought) Total cost was under $200. The metal is sold by the pound and type, FWIW.

  14. drjim- Me too, now that I have one…LOL

    Will- Thanks! I hadn’t thought of doing that, but now I will!