Isn’t THIS just special…

There is an organization called the Entertainment Industries Council founded to influence the entertainment industry.  They ‘supposedly’ provide information and guidance on a variety of health and social issues are accurately depicted onscreen in feature films among other things…

Full article HERE from the Daily Caller.

More interesting is THIS link… for depictions of gun violence…

E.g. if you want to sell stuff in Hollyweird, this is the way you need to ‘write’ your story…

The following points for consideration were created as a resource for entertainment development and production. They are not intended to limit the creative process.

  • Attempt to highlight alternative resolutions to conflict rather than relying on gunplay as the only or automatic means of settling confrontations. Clashes can be resolved by other less lethal means, perhaps by characters using their wits and cunning to overcome opponents.
  • Consider highlighting the emotional consequences for the shooter, such as feelings of guilt, remorse, personal angst, and so on.
  • Consider incorporating such real-life scenarios as:
    • The shooter or possessor of a gun being accidently injured by it.
    • A gun accidentally misfiring while being loaded or unloaded by a criminal or other user.
    • A gun misfiring and injuring someone after being accidentally dropped.
  • Consider the story potential that may exist in a family filing suit against a gun manufacturer for injuries or death sustained by a defective firearm that misfired.
  • Consider reflecting the reality that homeowners often freeze up or tremble so badly when trying to use a gun in self-defense that they are unable to deploy it. Or show them as being too frozen in fear to even get the gun.
  • Where appropriate to the story, consider portraying a teenage girl threatening to break up with her boyfriend unless he gets rid of his gun – or a boy doing the same with a gun-owning girlfriend.
  • Consider depicting the reality that women are far more likely to be shot by husbands or lovers than by an intruder. Odds are that a gun in her home will be used against her rather than in her defense.

As the original article states, this is what Holder was pushing as far back as 1995 to ‘brainwash’ kids against guns…

Sigh… Why are they SO determined to take the ability to protect one’s self away from us? Do we really scare them that badly???


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  1. FWIW, my take on this is twofold.

    Part of their effort is based on their fear of our owning firearms, to paraphrase your point, because they have a subconscious fear/loathing/lack of self confidence/phobia toward firearms, so their efforts are designed to reduce everyone else that is independent and responsible to the level they are at.

    The other part is, while the gov and the “entertainment” industry are producing and promoting shows and films chock full of violence with or without firearms, they’re promoting garbage such as what the links describe to create confusion, for lack of a better word, in order to get people to listen to their deliberate contradiction, resulting in the reduced independent thought of otherwise intelligent people.

    At first read, I admit these points look contradictory, however please keep in mind, the promoters of image junk all over the country constantly seek to maintain their relevance and influence, and they think long term, as indicated in the links. People dependent on relying on their image constantly need to be validated, while people that function in reality understand image has some value, but know that substance is more important.

    There are more aspects to this problem, obviously, but these are the main points, IMO.

  2. I have long maintained that since the liberals/Progressives are scared of guns, it’s based on a deep belief that they themselves would misuse a firearm, commit violence against others or themselves. And since they don’t trust themselves, they can’t imagine anyone else being more reliable or trustworthy than they, themselves.

    Then, of course, we come to the true Progressives who are determined to disarm the public at large, in order to carry out their long-term goals. But that’s a post for another day.

  3. Eek. Stupid. Scared they are-not of you, but devices. Pussies. And uneducated. Liberals to boot. Guns can’t win. But authors who tell it right can help! 🙂

  4. Grog- Well stated, and I think you are correct! It IS all about ‘image’ per se…

    Rev- Both good points!

    Fargo- Agreed, and I’m trying! Of course I’d never get a movie deal either…LOL

  5. I was with them for the first 2 bullet points, those are just good story telling, but then they drove their agenda-mobile off the cliff into bias canyon. I don’t know why I let myself think for a misguided moment that they would do anything other than that.

    • I agree with Old Windways on this. In fact, NRA sanctioned courses on concealed carry strongly advise avoiding use of one’s firearm if at all possible. They also counsel that life will be more difficult afterward due to emotions.

      It would have been fine advice if it had stopped there.

  6. Consider depicting the angst of someone being attacked by a gang of hoodlums in California, who is prevented by state law from owning a high-capacity magazine, and thus is forced to let some of them escape.

  7. Miguel- I remember that! Well done!!!

    Old Windways- Sadly true…

    Tim- Oh no, THAT wouldn’t be PC… Can’t have that!!! 🙁

  8. Yes, they ARE that scared of us.
    Once in Montgomery Co., MD and wearing an NRA hat (the type you get for renewing for X years).
    Woman coming out of a store saw the hat, drew her child closer and hissed “We don’t want your sort here!” and backed into the store.
    And people wonder why I want to blow all the Potomac River bridges.

  9. Old cynic speaking. They make money (from somewhere) to promote this. If the money was right, they would do a 180 degree turn. They are word whores without any standards of their own.

  10. Yes, gun owners do scare them that much. Because, by owning, carrying and responsibly using a gun, you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Can’t have that! You are supposed to let Uncle Sam take care of you. You are supposed to call the police when some one decides to break into yours, not confront them as they bust in the door.

    To have a gun in the home, to go get trained on how to use it safely, to learn and follow the 4 rules, to practice at the range so you know what it feels and sounds like to fire your gun…those are all things which help build confidence, and avoid freezing when something bad is happening.

    And lots of folks get the shakes after a scary or threatening event…just talk to your local cop or soldier or someone who goes deer hunting for the first time. As long as it happens after, who cares how bad the shakes are…it’s fine to fall apart after it’s all over. I still get the shakes after I have to help with a code, after 20+ years…just adrenaline dumping off.


  11. The last two in particular really highlight the sick mindset. And…. I’d bet a paycheck there’s a similar list for how to treat homosexual story-lines.

  12. Stretch- I remember you telling me about that!

    WSF- The ‘excuse’ is they are just trying to put food on the table…

    Suz- Good points!

    Rockeye- I didn’t look for that, but I’d bet you’re right…

    Rick- That it is!

  13. I saw the influence of that message in the first two Taken movies.
    Didn’t see the third after reading Liam Neeson’s anti-gun stuff.

  14. Here is a question for everyone: Who, and for what reason was the NRA formed?

    Can’t wait to see any answers!