Are we going down this political road???

1964 was one of the ugliest presidential contests ever seen to that point with the advent of TV ads…

It was Goldwater vs. Johnson…

And the dems pulled out ALL the stops with the negative ads.

This one is chillingly like some of the comments I’ve been hearing batted around in various circles concerning Trump (including on the Pub elite’s side).

Is a new ‘Daisy‘ ad coming???



Are we going down this political road??? — 9 Comments

  1. My first time to vote was the Johnson-Goldwater election. (by absentee ballot). I was stationed on the largest SAC base in the Country, and since we were on the 1st Strike List, I voted for Johnson as did all my fellow Airmen! When you worked on B-52’s every day, often in the Alert Area called QUICKSTRIKE the realities of a Nuclear War were pretty sobering!! We were Hawks, but not suicidal!

  2. With two of the dirtiest candidates ever in Hillary and Trump, what else do you expect? It’ll be a hog wallow.

  3. So, how did voting for Johnson work out for the US? The start of the fall of American can be traced and laid at the foot of LBJ and his Great Society. Increased unemployment pay, food stamps and welfare. Oh, and that little skirmish in SE Asia called Vietnam.

    • Clearly Johnson & Ladybird were the start of Generations of people “getting their living out of a mailbox” !! Kennedy got us into SE Asia. Politics caused us to lose that War! Although I almost always vote conservative, if I had it to do over again I’d vote for Johnson again! After the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy assassination …..well you’d have to have been there!!

  4. I worked for the Goldwater camp. About the only thing I remember was unpacking box after box of “The Ugly American” and giving them away.

    We would be in a lot better place if he had won.

  5. That was the second election I remember.

    I saw a picture of a defaced billboard for Goldwater in Newsweek.

    It said “In Your Heart You Know He’s Right”, and somebody had spray-canned “Yes, Extreme Right” to the bottom of the billboard.

    I thought it was funny at the time, but as a 13 year old, I had no conception of “Left” or “Right”, although I understood “Hawks” and “Doves”.

    I sometimes wonder what path our beloved country would be on today if Barry had won the election…..

  6. Woody- Yep!

    Robert- I’m afraid so, and we will suffer for it…

    WSF- Can’t disagree!

    CP/Woody- It’s all about perspective. Then vs. now… sigh

    Sam- Understood.

    drjim- Different, that’s for sure!

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    The general election will be ugly, the GOPe will try to hamstring the Donald and the Dems will pull out all the stop to make sure that queen Hillary finally gets her coronation. If the angry Americans see their choices being stripped, it will get violent.