Gunsmith Joe called me about 2230 last night, there had been a fire in his complex, and he’d caught a dog that had jumped from the third floor to escape the flames. The dog survived and Joe had taken him to the vet.

The dog (Hank), survived! Burnt, cut and apparently with a few broken bones from the fall, and the only thing his neighbor Chris had that survived.

There is a GoFundMe that Joe started to help pay for the medical care for the Pup. Click on the picture to go help if you can. It would be appreciated, also, if other bloggers would boost the signal that would be appreciated too!

Hank Chris go fund me

Thanks in advance…

Edit- Joe called me and Hank didn’t make it. Sadly, he passed away around lunch time. But the bill is still going to have to be paid. Thank you to all that have donated and boosted the signal!



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  2. Dawn Keenan let me know this morning. I sent a donation and shared on Facebook and will add to the blog in a moment. Brigid