You’re not really a badass…


You carry a holstered attack dog…


h/t JP


Snerk… — 14 Comments

  1. The holstered attack dog really does raise the bar for all of us who THOUGHT that we were badass.

  2. If I had to be on the receiving end of these two, I think I had rather be shot than have those two canine warriors coming at me.

  3. LL- Doesn’t it though! 🙂

    B- Yep! 😀

    Peter- LOL

    CP- Agreed!

    WSF- Yep, they sure do!!!

  4. These Open Carry advocates are taking it a bit far. Those land sharks are going to stir up fear among the non-land shark carrying crowd.

  5. And spayded/neutered, because NO civilian should be allowed to raise attack dogs.

  6. So, do they also carry the added weight of an extra canteen and doggie chow, too? I suppose that would be considered ammo for the K-9 “weapon.” Maybe should check future survival food purchases aren’t MREK9. 🙂