It’s SUMMER in Texas…

The most coveted parking space…

Texas parking space

In the SHADE!!!

I don’t care if it’s a hundred yards to the store… Nope, not a bit… because SHADE! 🙂

I’ll try to get an AAR up for tomorrow on LibertyCon, if anyone is interested. Sleeping in one’s own bed IS more restful than the best hotel bed.

Just sayin…

Peter and DaddyBear have their respective AARs up HERE and HERE.




It’s SUMMER in Texas… — 7 Comments

  1. I could tell when summer officially arrived. People left spaces near the gym door open but the ten spots with shade vanished.

  2. A WHITE car?
    Isn’t that racist?
    Considering the difference between surface temps on a white car vs. a dark one can be as much as 30+ degrees, you should park in the sun and let some unfortunate goof to take that spot!

  3. DB- Oh yeah… 🙂

    TXRed- Not surprised…LOL

    GB- Oh HELL no… They’re stupid enough to buy the wrong color, ‘I’ am not making their lives any easier… 🙂

  4. Same here, some even calculate where the shade will fall in relation to how long the shopping will take them. Or so I hear tell…

    Like your license plate, traveling incognito is always best.