Not only was I late, the post didn’t go either… Sorry bout that!

16 hours, 856 miles, my ass is draggin’ and hopefully I’m still asleep when you read this.

Blogging will Resume tomorrow, after I’m coherent again. Go read the folks on the sidebar.


ZZzzzzzz… — 5 Comments

  1. That’s only 53.5 MPH.
    I’m sure that was influenced by stops but still … 😉

  2. Stretch- Three people with bad backs… It took a LOT of breaks…

    Ed- I did… It just failed to actually ‘post’! 🙁

    • My Smarter Half and I split driving duties and have covered 910 miles in 14 1/2 hours. Not something we do regularly but can. Ya, we’re not too bright.
      We covered 1620 miles over a 5 day Independence Day vacation to Tennessee (think bourbon).

  3. Holy crap! On my best days, working as a mid 30’s field tech, I never could exceed 650 miles a day. I got close several times, but my backside complained mightily for a few days after each one of those. I didn’t like the consequences so I quit trying to set a new record.

    WOW! I’m impressed.