The Grey Man…

It’s almost a book!

The cover is complete! Tina did a super job as always!!!


The final edits are complete, and proofs have been ordered.

I do have a bleg though…

If you’ve read TGM- Payback or TGM- Changes and haven’t left a review, I’d appreciate it if you would hook the respective link and leave me an HONEST review.

I’m trying to get to the ‘magic’ 100 reviews on those two.

TGM- Payback link HERE.

TGM- Changes link HERE.

Thanks in advance! I truly do appreciate your kind words, and I hope to have Partners live in 2 weeks, assuming the proofs look good!


The Grey Man… — 22 Comments

  1. NFO!! I’m so excited for you! I too wrote a book. 75k words and I’m waiting on an agent to get back to me. I will def buy your book. Always like to read books by friends!


  2. Waiting impatiently for the next installment. The Grey Man series makes me care about John Cronin & his extended family, and that’s rare. Oh well, two weeks ain’t that long to wait.

  3. John- Thanks!

    Pamela- Please let me know when yours goes live, I’ll post a link here!

    Rev/Randy- Thanks!

  4. OK, I’ve got Peter’s book coming Sunday from Amazon (just realized it is now in paper form), so get moving. I figure you’ve got until Tuesday to have it proofed and published. 🙂

  5. I beta read it…Twice. Helping Jim out.

    This one is REALLY REALLY good.

    Trust me. you wanna buy this one.

  6. Hi Jim, Just ordered all three of the previous books at amazon three days ago. I thought I’d have them all and then along comes another one. I let a “friend ” read the first one you sent me and never got it back. Will get number four as soon as it i available!

  7. YaY!! I decided to get the entire set for my son for Christmas, so I’m glad to hear Partners should be out in a couple of weeks. Been saving my pennies!!


  8. I started to read Changes and the dental tech came in to see why the monitor was transmitting that my muscles weren’t relaxing and why my pulse rate was up instead of down. Note to self – don’t read Jim Curtis books while being prepped for muscle tracking studies.

    I’ll try to get a review posted later this week.

  9. That’s for letting me be your “forensic” beta reader. It’s an awesome read and the cover is perfect for the story. I need to get off my butt and finish my third book, but with the new job and a two hour (sometimes 3) daily commute unless I leave for work at 5 a.m. (and a husband that happily is around all the time now) hours to write are scarce. Thanks for motivating me to get back at it.

  10. Mrs.C- Now we switch to sci-fi…LOL

    Wing- Thanks!

    TXRed- LOL…

    Brigid- You now have a real life… Enjoy and write when you can! Thank you for the help, as always. Without folks like you helping behind the scenes, I couldn’t do as good a job as I have.