The Grey Man- Labor Day Sale…

Mea Culpa first of all…

I didn’t make it clear that the first three books, Vignettes, Payback and Changes would be on sale Labor Day Weekend, so my apologies to those who were looking for them this past weekend.

They will all be $.99 for Kindle from Friday evening to Monday evening, Sept 2-5. After that they will go up by a dollar through the end of the week, Sept 9th.

Note- I cannot reduce the price of the dead tree version, as I don’t control printing costs for them. Sorry…

I will link these again Friday at the start of the sale at 6pm.

\TGMVignettes coverBlood#4w:textTGMChanges

Again, my apologies for the confusion…



The Grey Man- Labor Day Sale… — 7 Comments

  1. Yay! Sale! I will promote for you! And a book review coming on da blog.

  2. If that’s the worst thing that happens to you this month, you’re in pretty good shape!!! Will try to push some business your way, hope it works. Good luck with the sale!!

    (I hope you make a fortune, so you’ll keep writing!)

  3. SSG- Your comment ended up in the bit bucket and I can’t get it out, but thanks for the bump! Hope you enjoy the books!