Full Circle???

Or Prescient???Edgar Rice Burroughs letter

It’s even more interesting when you know who Forrest Ackerman grew up to be…

I wonder what they would think about the current situation in Sci-Fi today…


Full Circle??? — 8 Comments

  1. Wow, so Ackerman was 14 when Mr. B. wrote the letter, to consider how the letter might have influenced Ackerman in the positive direction regarding books and sci-fi is almost mind boggling.

    What would they think of sci-fi today? hell if I know. 😉

  2. I think many of the old writers would be amazed at how many of the things they wrote about are reality today. Judy upgraded he mobile phone and got a WATCH with WIFI and phone capabilities. My first thought was of Dick Tracy and his wrist phone. But look at all the gadgets today that were considered sci-fi twenty years ago. But then, they wrote stories that made us use our imagination and had plots where they had no computers, cell phones, or television to use.

  3. Apparently, plausible plots and realistic characters are passe’. We must now have only technology & six. Oh yes – and lots and LOTS of foul language in lieu of dialogue or narrative.

    You keep writing the way you do, sir, and soon my tablet will contain only Curtis, Grant, and Correia in the ranks of new authors.

  4. I remember what John W. Campbell used to tell writers: it has to be a story. I think that I stopped reading fiction because they aren’t stories anymore.

    Other than yours, OldNFO. 😉

  5. A great writer is the master of the comma as illustrated in the letter. The subject of the letter reminds me of that college professor in the Rodney Dangerfield movie, Back To School. Whereas Dangerfield’s character hires SME to do his homework even having K. Vonnegut write for his Eng. Lit. class. The professor, naturally, is quite dismissive of the result saying the writer of the paper knows nothing of Vonnegut. Pompous fools.

    The Foundation trilogy was far and away my favorite. That is quite meaningful since I had been reading anything I could get my hands on since age 8. I was pleasantly surprised to find a whodunit murder mystery set in Santa Monica…written by R. Bradbury.

  6. Grog- I don’t know either, but I don’t think they would be happy…

    CP- Excellent point, and how many of those objects can directly be traced to some scientist that read those stories as a kid and wondered, Gee? Can I MAKE that now?

    Rev- Exactly!

    BP- Thank you sir!

    R- Agreed sir, and I SUCK with commas,,, sigh

    Joe- You’re right!