I’d never heard of this one, but it’s rather interesting…

The first car directly marketed to women…

56-lafemme-1 56-lafemme-2 56-lafemme-3

It was a special order, based on the Dodge Royal, and yes it was a real car!


It was marketed in 1955 and 56, based on results from the 1954 car show circuit car called La Comtessa. Less than 2500 were made over the two year (55-56) run.


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  1. Mrs.C- You just want the ‘accessories’… 🙂

    LL- Yeah, I don’t see ‘us’ driving one…

    Rev- It was, but hey, points for trying! 🙂

  2. “Back then”, men did all the driving so I understand why so few were made. I wonder if that’s where Mary Kay got her idea, to give a pink car every year to the woman who sold the most cosmetics.

  3. It may have been marketed toward women, but it still had manly rocket fins on the back, like any decent car should.

  4. Ed- Hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right! 🙂

    Euripides- AND you could get the D-500 motor!

    WSF- There are a few of them still around…

  5. Hold up Bucko… 1954 — Nash introduced the Metropolitan, a “commuter/shopping car” and the first American car marketed specifically to women.