All good things…

Must come to an end… Sigh

Our annual gathering has once again come to an end.

Refreshed in mind, if not body, it’s time to rejoin the mass of humanity.

Three days of no TV, no internet and turning $$$ into smoke and noise with good friends from all over the country make for a special time.

Thanks to all!!!



All good things… — 10 Comments

  1. Glad to hear you had fun at the meet. Hope your drive home is quick and uneventful.

  2. Well, you certainly didn’t miss much by not having any TV or internet. Same old stuff, different day. Have a safe drive home.


  3. I certainly hope peer pressure was exerted on Lawdog to finish his book as well as on you for book 5/Rimworld.

  4. Mrs.C/Rev- Thank you! 🙂

    j.r/Suz- We got back safe, no hits, no runs, no tickets!!! 🙂

    SPE- IT was… 🙂

    Bob- Thanks!

  5. You missed the debate! No wait. The debacle. No, that’s not right. The deplorable, disgusting, disappointing hour and a half of talking heads that either lied or made stuff up. Boy, I bet you’re glad you got away for a few days! Love the picture!

  6. Hmm, looks like a front was moving through. *looks to northwest* Yup. My turn. Glad all went well. 🙂

  7. It was so nice to gather the tribe and unplug from everything else. I’m almost rested back up and ready to do it again.