I wonder how much if this is true???

Veteran FBI agents say FBI Director James Comey has permanently damaged the bureau’s reputation for uncompromising investigations with his “cowardly” whitewash of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information using an unauthorized private email server.

Full article at the NY Post, HERE.

On the other hand, it appears the NY Times posted the entire transcript of the Trump/Bush tape word for word on page 1. It’s funny to see all the MSM trying to say this is abhorrent behavior, NO men talk like this… What little I heard, it sounds more like typical locker room bragging…

I’m glad I didn’t have access to the debate, so I didn’t have to listen to the BS that seems to have occurred…

It also appears that ‘more’ Hollyweird types have pitched in on how bad Trump is… Guess they’ve paid for Hillary, so they want to play reindeer games with her in the White House…

My question is, does anybody really give a crap about what some dancing monkey in Hollyweird says? What are their REAL qualifications to speak on anything? The fact that they can memorize lines and vomit them verbatim and get paid for it???

I would highly recommend you go read this article by Mr. Angelo Codevilla, called After the Republic, HERE

All we know is the choice that faces us at this stage: either America continues in the same direction, but faster and without restraint, or there’s the hazy possibility of something else… Sigh…

Kicking the soapbox back in the corner and looking for the BP meds…


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  1. More years ago than I care to remember, a wise man told me that 90% of everything guys tell each other about their sexual activities is pure B.S. and the other 10% is highly embellished. I expect that male nature hasn’t changed that much over the intervening years.

  2. Given the amount of knee-deep raw sewage that comes out of Tinselgrad, nobody from there has a foot to stand on about bad language.

  3. As far as I know, no woman has come forward and said Trump handled them in any way. Some have even defended him. Where was the political outcry over Clinton? Where was the MSM Roosevelt and his mistress? Eisenhower had a mistress, but his was from WWII and not acquired while in office. Carter “…lusted in his heart.” but I hear that he lusted more than that. Where is the outrage and shame over the Kennedy’s? God knows they tossed a few back and forth. None of that is considered when attacking Trump of locker-room bragging. However, I love the move Trump made in bringing a few of Slick WIllie’s victims to the debate. Best move yet. I also expect to see a rash of suicides from the programming staff.

  4. Right. A bunch of guys together present their masculinity creds with raunchy talk. Who knew? And females together never descend to comparable levels of vulgarity when they engage in ‘girl talk’ or at batchelorette parties. Uh huh.

  5. When Trump said those things some 11 or 12 years ago, I really doubt that he was even thinking about running for President. Therefore, IMHO, what Trump said way back then is irrelevant. But, all of the anti-Trump people, both the RINO party so-called Republicans and their buddy-pals, the Dumbocraps, are making this flap look like that is the worst thing to happen since December 7, 1941. (For all you Dumbocraps out there, that was the start of WW2.) All these ass-wipes are doing is their level best to ensure that Hil-LIAR-y gets to infest the White House (again!) and see to it that the ISIS assholes get to wander in and out of the U.S. whenever they please, to say nothing about all the illegal Messicans coming in as they please.
    If this blows up into getting Hil-LIAR-y elected, we, our country,and most of our allies, will be well and truly fucked.

  6. The fine commentary above has clearly beaten me to the punch. All I know is, my wife & daughters assure me that the talk in the womens’ locker room is FAR RAUNCHIER than anything Trump said, way back when.

  7. Less than ONE year after, Jay Carney pronounced 9/11 Benghazi as, ‘a long time ago’. The hypocrisy of this political stunt is too much. But what gets me is so many people continue to rant and rave about it.

  8. Didn’t I say you hadn’t missed much by being out of touch for the weekend??

    I think what is going on is if “they” can gin up outrage and keep it going over Trump, then no one will be able to squeeze in a word edgewise about Hillary’s stunts.

    Nor is there any conversation going on about important stuff like policies on healthcare, immigration, the Russian’s antics, the economy, etc etc…ya know, stuff that really affects the everyday ordinary folks who are working hard every day really care about.

    Quite frankly if I go see a movie (can’t remember when the last time that was)it’s to relax and see a good story…not because I give a gnats behind what their political opinion might be. Pretty egotistical of them to think that anyone other then their Mom might care about what they think. But, hey, this is still America…they are entitled to their own opinions, of course, nothing says I have to agree with their lousy opinions….

    Isn’t it November yet?!?!


  9. I don’t speak this way, but, since the Trump clip appeared, there have been numerous postings regarding Secretary Clinton’s abusive language and behavior, as well as the President using Trump’s language, when younger.
    MY concern is about the survival of what is left of the Republic, and having a Constitution-following President. What kind of language they use is not listed in the requirements!

    God Save This Republic!


  10. I really cannot find it within myself to worry about Trump’s sexual exploits. There are bigger fish to fry!

    What all sensible Americans should be pondering is what direction our republic is going to take under the new POTUS who takes office in 2017. Everything else is a distraction.

    Unfortunately, I’m unsure that sensible Americans comprise the majority of the electorate.