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These two have been making the rounds, but it’s worth cross posting them here… Some folks will deny these are real, they’ve been edited, etc… Make up your own mind.

h/t BZ, LL and others


Wordless Wednesday… — 15 Comments

  1. My dad, (a WW II submariner) was a lifelong Republican. After his death, however, he has voted a straight dimocrat ticket.
    Amazing how looking up at the grass will change ones political viewpoint.

  2. The Navy cartoon underscores how things have changed.

    Androgynous rates – Blue Camo uniforms at sea? (still can’t figure the rationale) – and a burning desire for the smallest possible crew when every bad thing that happens requires more crew’s attention to it. It’s as if the modern admirals and planners never went to sea. I’m not the saltiest officer in that regard, myself, but OMG. The naval tradition calls for “learning at sea” from the early days of sail, men apprenticed and learned their trade from the older sailors. For some reason, that has been cast aside. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m simply not progressive enough?

  3. Roger- Sadly true, especially in Chicago…

    LL- Neither of us are… All CBTs now. Learn on the computer, stick ’em in the division and good to go (Not)… It’s been a huge push the last 10 years to minimum crewing, ‘supposedly’ moving more maintenance ashore to give surface rates more ‘shore duty’… Reality? Not enough people to do the required PMS (example- PMS on sonar array is no longer done at sea, leading to dental charts that have 60-180 degree holes in coverage)… Sigh

    • Learn on the computer? Kind of like learning to fly in a simulator. Night landing in a gusting crosswind is a wee bit different than a simulator.

  4. I was told by a former shipmate, 20 years ago, that I wouldn’t recognize the Navy from which his wife had just retired. I sure as fire don’t recognize it now, and that’s a fact.

  5. What Navy are you talking about Rev. Paul.
    It sure is NOT the US Navy.

  6. That top cartoon brings me to say with more feeling than ever, “FTN”

  7. The more I hear about the loony things that are going on with the Navy and the other branches of the military the scareder I get for the future.

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