The meltdown continues…

First we have this from BO…

President Barack Obama continues to publicly ponder the after-math of the presidential election that handed the keys to the White House to Donald Trump – a man he claimed was unworthy of the honor of holding the office of president.

In each revealing interview, the outgoing president drifts a little further away from the politically disciplined and magnanimous reflection he first presented in the intervening days after the historic election.

In his latest analysis found in the next issue of The New Yorker, Obama appears to have let a bit more of his true feelings about Hillary Clinton and her campaign show than he has up to this point.

In the full article, HERE, he goes on to blame Hillary’s loss on the Goldman-Sachs speeches…

And the media liberals continue to whine…

It was a pathetic spectacle: TV news executives and anchors filing in to Trump Tower on Monday to be the president-elect’s whipping boys.

Donald Trump had summoned them for a talk, but it turned out to be part tongue-lashing, part perp walk. The TV news people had foolishly agreed that the session was “off the record,” leaving Trump and his aides free to characterize the media representatives as groveling while Trump berated them as liars.

Dana Milbank has been so deep in the Hillary camp for so long it isn’t funny and he now says they need to be ‘outsiders’, HERE. I’m pretty sure Milbank and his ilk are going to get what they asked for…

Trump is already going around the media, having released at least two videos directly to Youtube without even bothering to let the media know. And we also know there won’t be any honeymoon like BO got in 2008. They are continuing to smear cabinet picks, slam the campaign and transition team, and whine about 1st amendment freedom to cover Trump…

Oh yeah, and Michigan was finally declared for Trump yesterday.


The meltdown continues… — 15 Comments

  1. Going straight to Youtube was a brilliant idea on someones part.

    It gets the job done, there is no spinning it and it slaps every major news outlet right in the face.

  2. The progs have only started carving up Clinton like a Thanksgiving turkey. That bitter backlash against Hillary will get a whole lot worse before it subsides. Angry, disappointed libs gave Jill Stein $5 million to do recounts…after Michigan already did two of them.

    The Republicans bemoaned the “down-ticket” candidates because of Trump, and it turned out that the people who rode his coat tails won and won big. Those who criticized him, lost. BOTH the Dems and Reps have a difficult time coming to terms with the truth – that Trump’s instincts were better than ALL of theirs.

    And at this juncture, he’s moving forward to fulfill his promise to make America great again. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    I am pleased that Trump is piling on the media, Newt had the right idea but he had too much political baggage and he is an insider. I see Obama breaking more traditions. W declined to bash Obama because he knew it would go against tradition…Obama will do it and the mainstream media hacks will give him a pass so we are in for an interesting ride.

  4. Clinton was a seriously flawed candidate. There are dozens of things she could have done differently that would have resulted in the Democrats winning the White House. She *could* have done those things differently, but then she would not have been HR-C.

    Clinton’s campaign is an epic, Greek tragedy. The traits that defined her lifted her up to seem more than human…and then smashed her. Oh, and pride is somewhere in the plot.

  5. The obvious progressive,socialist bias of the press which has been evident and growing since the days of Richard Nixon has finally been almost admitted. So now the newly “honest” press will begin to do the job that they should have been doing all along. They will watch and report on anything and everything the the Donald does, says, thinks, intimates, looks at or in any way draws attention to. This of course will be done in the most negative manner imaginable. Their reasoning of course will be that they are now doing their “job” that should have been done for barry and ole hil.

  6. I see where old Fidel finally went to his reward. Golly, those Dems just can’t catch a break.

  7. yup, it’s just the beginning of the vitriol we will hear for at least the next 4 years. there may have been nothing like what we will see. However, i am not convinced Trump was ever serious about following through with the ‘drain the swamp’ anyway. his lack of commitment already to prosecuting hildabeast doesn’t surprise me at all. it won’t be the last imo.

  8. All- Thanks for the comments as I stand in line at Sam’s… sigh

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. I’m not even trying to guess what a Trump administration will actually do. There’s too much guessing, prognosticating and gnashing of teeth, already.