Obama’s ‘legacy’…

President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts (with links)

Law and Justice






Energy Policy


National Security and World Affairs



But remember: he will not rest until all Americans have jobs, affordable homes, green-energy vehicles, and the environment is repaired, etc., etc., etc.

Well, here are THOSE results… From the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis data…


Obama’s ‘legacy’… — 29 Comments

  1. And they say we need to look at Russian government because they are the enemy of the U.S.A.

  2. First half-black president.
    First president to admit drug use.
    First president to previously claim foreign citizenship.
    First president to make Jimmy Carter look good by comparison.

  3. Those are a lot of historic ‘firsts’ and the Barack Obama good bye tour, alternately titled “the end of hope” by both Michelle and the corrupt elite media is likely to continue after he leaves the White House. Who knows for how long?

    The Russians punked him at every possible turn, pulled his pants down in public (metaphorically) time and time and time again, like Lucy with Charlie Brown’s football.

    Barack may also be the laziest president that we’ve ever seen in office. And I would add to Ed’s post (above) that he’s arguably our first Post-American President.

  4. Maybe the future will reveal if he is actually a citizen. Personally, I don’t think he is, and if anyone in the government knows this as a fact, they should be tried, and hung. It’s their duty to expose such treason, and hiding it carries the same charge.

  5. That is one depressing list. I doubt we’ll ever see anything approaching justice in his case, either, but I’d love to be wrong about that.

  6. I always thought of Barack Obama as a do nothing, bureaucratic, lazy, self impressed puppet of the DNC. But in order to actually do as much damage as that list portrays, he had to expend energy and time. At least as much as a couple of rounds of golf.

  7. I’ve often said that if he didn’t tend towards laziness, if he had the drive of a Hitler, we’d be in deep trouble. Imagine what he could have wrought had he actually tried.

  8. Wow! And many of those sources are from organizations with liberal reputations…

    Who spent the first few weeks after the election trying to figure out why Americans did not want to continue his policies and vote for HRC…

    Mr. Trump is going to be VERY busy the first few days in office rescinding all of those executive orders.

    I can only hope he works hard to get in another 50 games of golf before 1/20. That way he would have an even number…and it would keep him busy and keep him from causing any more trouble!!

  9. He did promise to fundamentally change America. The (P)regressive’s game plan.
    “If we can’t use the power of persuasion, we’ll use the persuasion of power.”

    Andy Stern, Former SEIU International President

    The Lightbringer went straight to option two.

  10. Wow. I bet that took some research. I feel it. But reading it makes it worse.

  11. All- Thanks for the comments, I got this from the Mil-email chain, I just added the last bit from the Fed.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. I wish I could claim to have originated this but at least “The Reign of Error” has all but ended.

  13. And we can thank congress for allowing all this to happen. Obama should have been tried for treason and jailed, and most of the congress critters with him.

  14. Much, much, much more depressing than I would have thought. The only thing that could have made it worse would be if Hillary was about to be inaugurated.

    Gotta keep the list for when leftbots whine about President Trump.

  15. Hey Old NFO;

    I think I will shamelessly post this on my FB feed to watch the leftist self destruct.

  16. First to shut down car dealerships who gave to political opponents.
    First to destroy the used car industry.
    First to use 1984 and Atlas Shrugged as instruction manuals.

  17. .45ACP- A few more days to do whatever damage he can… sigh

    Randy- Amen!

    Bob- Feel free!

  18. It’s not over, either. We now get to pay retirement, and security for him and his family.

  19. Bob- True, but that IS in the contract, which we will honor, regardless of what we think of him personally.

    GB- You’re more than welcome sir.

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  21. But, but, but…I’ve read that Obama is/was scandal-free! The Media done LIED to me.