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Lucky- Carlos Garcia

1944 – The Anglo-Argentine pilot Dick ‘Lucky’ Lindsell in his Hurricane MkIIC leads the attack on a bridge in Burma.

They were actually part of the RAF’s Third Tactical Air Force, based in SE Asia a little known footnote during the war, link HERE.


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Man I was all set to so some background on this one. The linkie didn’t say how well they did against the Japanese, if the British fared better than they did in 1941-1942. Thanks for the pic:)

  2. My late father, a CBI veteran, talked about the British and Commonwealth units operating from the air bases in India. Wish I remembered more about what he said.

  3. Bob- Yeah, kinda a black hole on that one…

    WSF- That would have been interesting!

    Ed- It is!