In another upsetting the applecart move, the new administration is shaking up the Press Room order….

The old way of doing business in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House is now over — and the Associated Press is not happy about it.

The legendary wire service, founded in 1846, is usually the press secretary’s first pick at White House briefings.

“In the Trump administration, mainstream media is about to see its long-standing media monopoly broken up and they’re petrified.”

But under President Donald Trump’s new administration, White House press secretary Sean Spicer has so far not called on AP for the first question.

Full article and video HERE, at Fox News.

Apparently the AP is throwing a hissy fit, since Helen Thomas died, they’ve always gotten the first question.  Not anymore… The administration has also added four Skype seats, and one question yesterday was from a Providence, RI paper via Skype about sanctuary cities.

Apparently there is also a move afoot to actually move the press room out of the White House to a different location, and, horror of horrors, even allow bloggers to ask questions. Can you imagine that??? 🙂

In other news, water is still wet, the dems and the left are still melting down, and there is a new sheriff in town.

I’m popping more popcorn!


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  1. “Good Morning America – and what are we offended about today ?” :^)

  2. It’s not just who gets to ask the questions, it’s who gets to answer them.
    Real transparency.
    Spicer is 5 times the Press guy that “Josh Earnest” was.
    Informed and intelligent.

  3. I’m okay with hold the press conference in Waffle Houses, but what I would really like to see is meeting the protesters who burn and beat people met with some violence of our own. Shoot to kill if need be. Go in with full riot gear and issue wooden shampoos and arrest them with felony charges. UC Berkeley is a disgrace.

  4. Turn up the air conditioning in winter. Turn up the heat in summer.

    And when they do something bad, send 10% of the reporters to Gitmo.

  5. The first question at the White House pressers goes to the senior correspondent, the one who covered the WH for the longest time. Out of respect Helen Thomas, who had covered the Wilson administration or so it seemed got the first question until she got so loopy they drug her off to a large cardboard box under the Wilson Bridge. I believe her fellow reporters gave her a slightly used shopping cart a Go Away! present. My mom worked for UPI when she was younger so I heard all sorts of garbage on reporters growing up.

  6. Popcorn? I’m more concerned as to whether or not ten loaded PMAGs is sufficient. Still have a Trump sign up.

  7. j.r.- Oh yes!!! 🙂

    Ed- Agreed, and it will be interesting to watch!

    CP- That it was. Hickory shampoos would have cleaned that up quickly!

    Randy- If only…LOL

    Gerry- I can only imagine… 🙂

    SPE- 🙂

    WSF- ROTF, love it!

  8. I don’t much care about the traditions, in that regard. If & when the press remembers how to be respectful, I’d then consider returning to “most senior reporter gets the first question.”

    On second thought, naw. Who’s to say the most senior whosit asks the smartest questions, or provides the best coverage?

    Meanwhile, Mr. Spicer is quite entertaining. Carry on!

  9. 1 – Move them out of the White house to a larger room that holds 150 press teams (no more than 300 bodies total).
    2 – Put a bowl of 100 balls outside the door, some with numbers, the rest blank.
    3 – Every attendee team draws a ball. If it has a number, that is the sequence of who asks questions, lowest chosen first. If blank, you just watch and listen.

    I can’t imagine the howls from the MSM, but it would be hilarious to see.

  10. I’ve known the word “schadenfreude” and the feeling it describes for many years, but I doubt I could have spelled it correctly, even with two years of college German. But since early November, I can!

  11. My preferred method is a cage match. The reporter that tosses all the others over the top wins the first question. Of course, they need to charge admission for spectators, have all broadcast rights, and use pay for view on the live broadcasts.

  12. Rev- 🙂 It IS entertaining!

    Rick- Oh yeah, THAT would spin them up!!!

    GR6- LOL

    Jess- That would work too! 🙂

  13. I think Shaun Spicer has a tough tough job, sort of like keeping all the tigers on their pedestals without losing an arm.
    I am glad to see a variety of folks being able to ask questions, and it has been interesting to see the administration calling out the MSM on the tone and slant they have taken with the news.
    Trump and company is definitely shaking up everyone in DC not just in Congress.
    But I like the balls/numbers idea above too. 😉

  14. One of the cooler things about the hypothetical move that I saw was as part of it they would be opening up spots for citizens (non journalist)to attend the briefings via skype. And maybe possibly being able to ask questions as well.