Are we approaching a showdown???

A few posts you probably have already read, but bear with me…

We’re now going on almost 2 months since the election.

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The common thread, IMHO, is the absolute refusal of the left to acknowledge the fact that Trump won and their agenda (read their precious) is gone for at least four years. What they are doing is becoming louder and louder, pushier and pushier.

They knocked a man unconscious in Portland, then started the ‘Peace’ chant, until the Portland PD showed up, then started getting loud and aggressive again. But one thing I noted, was that those yelling the loudest were in the back of the crowd/had their faces covered.

I don’t think there is any question now that these people ARE being paid, and the money trail points to Soros via a number (50+?) of organizations. There are some indications the professional protesters are flying from location to location to whip up the crowds, in addition to ‘day protesters’ being bussed in, paid and given box lunches.

Freedom of speech (e.g. 1A) is all well and good, but what happens when they attack the wrong person/persons? What happens when a CCW carrier is threatened/sucker punched? What happens when one of those old men has had enough and goes after some of those protest leaders?

Supposedly ~200 were arrested in DC on FEDERAL riot charges, which carry significant fines and prison time with no plea bargaining. Has anyone heard what’s happening with those arraignments? I know I haven’t been able to find anything.

When so many diverse groups are yelling at the tops of their lungs for their particular pet program, it all turns into white noise, which is bad, because the individual groups look for ways to stand out and get the media.

What I’m afraid of is they ARE going to cross that proverbial line in the sand that is manned by a bunch of grumpy old men and women, veterans and rednecks from flyover country who aren’t going to take it anymore. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if/when that happens, I do think there will be blood in the streets and a national paralysis at least for a little while…

I really didn’t want to do ‘interesting times’ again… sigh.




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  1. Those opposing Trump are now rabid, and they don’t seem to understand the dangers they’re creating. With their protests affecting innocent bystanders, and their efforts starting to include smaller towns, the possibility of escalating violence is becoming more apparent.

  2. A protester in Seattle who self-identified as a Black Lives Matter activist and teacher demanded that “the white house” and “white people” be killed…

    At work, on magic elf box, will dig up link later.

  3. On a whim I did a quick Google search on the personalities and traits of teenagers.
    One can make a strong case that the majority of the far left have the mental development of a thirteen year old.
    The reasons for why this is so still escape me.

  4. According to the church of the left’s sainted John Kerry, ex-military folks only ended up in the military because they did not do well in school.

    That makes me dumb and, now, older. Nothing of interest to anyone here. Move along.

  5. The country moved in very dangerous ways and Trump is trying to correct that, fighting the Reps. in insipid ways and the Dems., who are in abject terror for their lost dominion. But the country elected Donald Trump and that’s a reality that the corrupt, smug, elite, mainstream media (which is perhaps a political party all its own) still is trying to come to terms with. All of their invective, all of their anger, all of their fury was not accepted by enough Americans and Hillary went down to defeat. They still can’t accept that America sees through their B. S.

    So the war continues.

    But as with you, I’m moving to a place where people view progressive thought as a species of insanity. I have to.

    Flying out of the country tomorrow but I’m crossing the border to fly out of Tijuana to avoid protest delays as progs crowd into LAX to block or delay travelers. Such is the nature of progressive behavior.

  6. I think the analysis is spot on. To have so many protests start up nationwide at almost the same time is not a coincidence. Somebody is paying for all this. And I also think you are correct about there being a red line. Somebody will do something stupid and then the conservative heartland is going to push back HARD! Keep yer powder dry.


  7. Rioting in NYC, Portland or DC is safe. Protesters pull the same tactics in Dallas, Nashville or Tampa will not end as well.

  8. Yeah, I noticed how brave and committed the protesters are by wearing mask. Strength of conviction isn’t what it used to be, just cowardice. And perhaps, if someone needs to be take out… might I suggest Soros? Not that I would, with or without a mask. I am just too much of a coward who loves his freedom to go that far. But if someone else…

  9. I think at least some of the frenzy we are seeing is the Democrat establishment (which includes a lot of the Hobby Protesters) trying to ignore that one thing that happened in this past election is that both party rank-and-files tried to nominate people outside their party establishment. the Democrats establishment stomped on it, and then lost.

    -aside; whether Sanders was a genuine outsider – or indeed whether Trump is – both BRANDED themselves as such.

    Long before the hysterics have to deal with Republican/Conservative/Libertarian society that is fed to the teeth with them, they may have to deal with the rank and file of their own party … who ALSO seem to be sick to the teeth of them.

    Just a thought, but I’m going to be watching with some interest.

  10. Not a matter of if , rather of when . Never in these ” protesters” young lives have they had a consequence for anything they have said or done . Thus they are simply incapable of even imagining such a thing could happen.
    Right up until enough of them are laying on the ground bleeding out.
    Sheer inertia of stupid is going to push us over that line and then a sense of gleeful retribution will carry the day. When and where it stops I have no idea , but its pretty much a foregone conclusion that bloodletting is closer than we want to think .

  11. Fuck ’em. Let them try. Hell, I’m not sure what to feel being on the side of the Federal Government.

  12. Jess- Good point!

    Drang- I saw it, but couldn’t find it again.

    John/FD- I think your two points merged may be the answer… sigh

    Jeremiah- You, me and a lot of others… 🙂

    LL- Agreed, fly safe!

    Ray- Concur, the question is when/how. Major city or???

    Gerry- Of course not, that’s why no protest there!

    CP- Agreed!

    CSPS- Excellent point! They’re eating their young, even as the young strike out at the old…

    • NFO

      I had to think carefully and examine the trends that have happened over the past couple of years. The conclusions are not pretty. A repeat of Kent State. The university campuses are prime breeding grounds for useful idiots, as they have always been. And, as always, they will provide the cannon fodder for the leftists to use. The protests will become more violent until some police chief or state governor is left no choice but to meet violence with violence. This will play right into the leftist playbook so that they can scream bloody murder (literally) and fuel the process even more.

      The other scenario will be inner city riots that will put Chicago ’68 or Los Angeles to shame.

      Fortunately, I live in the Jacksonville area and it is rather difficult to recruit around here. We don’t have nearly as many progs as the northern cities. Still, it’s going to be very ugly soon.

  13. The Progs have tried a couple of times to mount protests in Anchorage, with varying results. Most of those events barely mustered a few dozen folks. And most of those just stood around looking mildly confused. It’s hard to get a big crowd in the winter-time, here. IF this is all still going on, come summer, it may be a different story.

  14. You’re not going to see much, if any press on how the prosecutions of the inauguration rioters is going. Publicizing that tidbit would cut down on the number of useful idiots available for tomorrow’s riot.

  15. I think the line in the sand that is manned by grumpy old men and women was crossed over the past year. The result was our recent election of Trump.

    Now that the mass hysteria seems to be ramping up, I am afraid that those grumpy old folks will say “That’s it, I HAVE. HAD. ENOUGH.” When it happens to 13year olds, they get sent to their room…when it happens to a segment of the population instead of your kid…that’s when it will get waay too “interesting”.

    I agree with LL. Stay out of the airport, the mall, nightclubs, etc. And be patient, these agitators can’t seem to focus on anything for too terribly long…short attention spans I guess…something else will come along in the near future to draw their attention. But the coordination across the nation certainly does speak to deep pockets somewhere.

    When you are diagnosed with cancer, there are usually 2 options, “watchful waiting” or a surgical intervention, followed by chemo and/or radiation. In this case, I support a watchful waiting to see if Trump can’t improve the economy, and to see if in the 2018 elections the Dems get thumped again…sooner or later the message will get through that most of the country did not want a progressive/liberal agenda.

  16. Larry- I think you’re probably right… sigh

    Suz- Agree on the watchful waiting, but I will be watching CLOSELY…

  17. For those that anticipate, look forward to or dread a violent response from conservative folks to the progressive agenda, be aware that:
    The news / information gathering & dissemination is owned by, controlled by and reported by the progressive left. They own 95% of the newspapers, radio stations, TV stations & the internet communication sites. They disseminate ONLY the information that THEY want disseminated, in the manner that they choose to disseminate it. (All the news that fits our agenda.)
    Anyone that believes that there will be any semblance of truth or objectivity in the reporting of any resistance to the progressive activities is delusional.
    Forewarned is forearmed.

  18. There will be an event that will cross the line and a tripwire will go off. I really am concerned about the future of this country with the antics of the liberal left. It’s a shame that there are people in this country who act this way calling people who supported Trump as “Nazis” but what did they do back in the early 1900’s in Germany, didn’t they intimidate people with violence over political views but we are the one’s labeled with this title? There are so many misguided people in this country, what a shame. So many people and organizations to thank for this…..

  19. Roger- Good point, and you’re absolutely right!

    Senior- Concur, Kristallnacht comes to mind, but the left is blind to what they are doing, securely cocooned in their little bubble…

  20. My wife doesn’t follow the news and even she is disgusted with what’s happened the last few months. I think she would have voted for Billary until she saw all of the pooh being flung Trump’s way by the Democrats. Made her mad, and “talked” her in to voting for Trump.

    The funniest thing to me, in a very sickening way, are the people calling for a Coup to throw out Trumps “fascist” government. Honey Chil…you have no idea what fascism is. You get it when the military takes over! And the first people they’d go after are the actors and so called “intellectuals” that loudly protest. Do something unusual…like read history! Oh wait…you graduated from Berkeley so you can’t read, can you?

  21. They seem to be declaring war without being smart enough to know that war unvolves real bullets.

  22. I think you’re right, and what comes to mind is “attack the infrastructure” which is a page from the Lefty playbook and Alinsky’s rules.

    I’m reasonably confident Soros & Co. is behind it, although that may not be the only source. But…..

    Busing in protestors requires buses, and someone owns those buses. Identify the firms and publish the info to provide the opportunity for everyone else to not use those firms.

    Someone is making, and selling the box lunches. Ditto as with the buses.

    Hotel rooms for the professional agitators. Ditto.

    Where infrastructure exists – and it undoubtedly exists for these efforts – it is attackable within normal financial transactions, not to mention permits, etc. Might the establishment selling the box lunches benefit from several health inspector visits? We certainly wouldn’t want First Amendment activity impacted by contaminated food, would we? All the licenses and permits current on those buses and their drivers? The list goes on.

  23. Hey Old NFO;

    Your prior commenters brought up good points so I can’r really add anything except to observe, the perpetual temper tantrums are getting old, the Left is burning up their political capital and resources by this, I wonder if they are gonna have any money left come 2020 at the rate they are going.

  24. LCB- Good one!!!

    PH- I ‘believe’ they think it’s a video game, they get a reset button…

    Randolph- EXCELLENT point!

    Bob- That they are, and 2018 is looking worse and worse too!