How about some humor???

I’m old enough to have grown up watching Jack Benny, Dean Martin, Flip Wilson and Red Skelton back in the day. Their humor was ‘clean’, much of it was based on physical humor and, especially with Dean Martin, often revolved around alcohol. The funny thing was Dean Martin, Brooks and the others were actually drinking apple juice ย on the show!!!

And this was all in the days before all the anti-alcohol sentiments…

Anyhoo, Foster Brooks at his ‘finest’, roasting Don Rickles.

Sadly, I now send you back to the regularly scheduled BS going on out there… But at least it’s FRIDAY!!!


How about some humor??? — 20 Comments

  1. A very funny man, Mr. Brooks was. Those 60’s / 70’s variety shows were fantastic, they made their skits look so easy. The Carol Burnett and Red Skelton shows were comedy gold.

    Thanks for the memory worm up there.

  2. Brooks was one funny character. The story goes that on a commercial flight he was taking, the stewardesses (what they were call back then, I called the stuck up bitches Waffle House Waitresses with Girdles) had him get on the PA and act as the pilot. Dean was one of the best straight men for comics ever. Good way to start a Friday.

  3. Not many people know this, but Mel Brooks served during WWII in a Combat Engineer unit that specialized in clearing minefields. After a gig like that, EVERYTHING’S funny.

  4. j.r.- So true! ๐Ÿ™‚

    CP- Yep, I’ve heard that story… LOL

    WSF- You’re welcome!

    John- I didn’t know that, but yes, it would be!!!

  5. I miss those guys, and their brand of decent humor. Very few modern comics have any idea how to do that. Thanks for the memory.

  6. I must be old….I remember when this was considered “risque”, and my Mom would wonder aloud how they wre able to “get away with” showing that on TV.

    But they sure were funny!

  7. “Your money or your life!”

    “I’m thinking. I’m thinking!”

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    I kinda miss the shows back then, they had a sense of humor and everyone was fair game and it was OK. I saw a meme on facebook that showed the 2 main protagonist on “Blazing Saddle” with the comment..”Lets go back in time and offend everyone”. People now don’t have a sense of humor. My personal favorite is still “History of the world part 1

  9. So funny! Foster Brooks was fabulous. Hardly anybody can make me laugh out loud anymore. Now I may have to go downstairs and chromecast stuff.

  10. Hank- You are welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    drjim- Oh yeah, especially Flip Wilson!!!

    Stretch- Classic Jack Benny, as he drummed his fingers on his jaw…

    Bob- Yep, that was a good one!

    PH- Sadly true!

  11. Yea Friday!!! (I’m off this weekend for once)
    Thank you for the five minutes of funny! We have had way too little of it these past few months.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  12. Thanks for the clip. I always enjoyed those men, but I especially like the genius of Red Skelton. The others were great, but Red was something special, and all his humor was clean.

    Anyway, I really needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks!