Soooo, I’m out taking a walk and run across a yard sale…

And what do I see sitting on one of the back tables? Can it be?

Something from my childhood! I see a set of aluminum glasses and a pitcher!

For 50 cents, I couldn’t resist…

Dunno what the hell I’m going to do with them, but these are practically unused! The lady said she tried to give them to her daughter, who turned up her nose at them… LOL


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  1. For less than a buck ? Can’t go wrong there Pard, nice find ! I remember those from way back too, never owned a set though.

  2. Outdoor set, for use by the pool, or to take along in an RV or camper.

  3. Nice find. I remember them well, and used them for camping and just sitting on the porch in the rocker. They were also good for dice rollers in games with the kids.

  4. And there was nothing as disconcerting as dragging a tooth across one of those lovely aluminum glasses. But yeah, I think everyone had those.

    • That is what I remember from 60’s when my grandmother had a set of them. You never forget that feeling, way better than fingernails on a blackboard!

  5. For sale on e-bay right now is the same set for $36.00. Not a bad return on your money.

  6. All- thanks for the comments, I’ll keep these and pass them down to my kids and grandkids. Let them learn the pleasure of scraping a fingernail across the ‘glass’ 🙂

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  7. LOL I REMEMBER THOSE, they made your hand so cold you could hardly hold it and hated when my teeth hit the steel. good times

  8. Do NOT use them for lemonade.
    The metal taste is horrid.

  9. Seems like iced drinks always tasted colder in them in the summer time. Good score!

  10. All- Thanks and no lemonade never did taste right!

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  11. Hey Old NFO;

    I though when you were a kid, bronze was all they had LOL. Seriously you did good, I remembered those things when i was a kid, the cups were damm near indestructible.

  12. A few years back my Dad came up (rather proudly) with a set of stainless steel ‘glasses’ at a discount shop, and announced that he’d solved the problem of the kids breaking all the drinking glasses. I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were for bar mixers. And he was right, anyway, those things were unbreakable!

  13. I’m pretty sure everybody who’s “our age” had a set of those.

    We had the tumblers, but not the pitcher.

  14. SCORE! My sister found and gave me a set of those one Christmas because they made the water from Grandma’s spring colder and sweeter than any other cup.

  15. The ones my folks had, originally came with cottage cheese in them, like the jelly/jam glasses. Your breakfast chocolate milk and Kool-Aid were the drinks we had in them. Unbreakable was an important feature to my folks, too.

  16. I remember my family used a set of them for Passover.