About those ‘peaceful’ refugees…

Seems 60 Minutes got more than they bargained for in Sweden when they attempted to show how ‘peaceful and accepting’ the muslim refugees were…

About the only thing they didn’t do was try to rape the correspondent…

This is the truth that we need to spread so people know the truth, not the agitprop the liberals are putting out…

h/t JP


About those ‘peaceful’ refugees… — 14 Comments

  1. They didn’t rape her because she was escorted by half a dozen male crew, camera/sound/production, etc. If she’d been alone I’m sure that they would have all taken a turn.

    That’s what happens when you invite savages into your country. Europe had a problem with Muslims before and Charles Martel sorted them out. It may take another guy like that to do it this time as well.

  2. We’re getting it from the other end, too. Jefferson Parish, once THE respectable part of the Greater New Orleans area, has a school population that is now 1/4 hispanic because Obama “settled” over 1,300 “unaccompanied minors” who crossed our southern border here, so now they’re in the best school system in the area, which has to take time away from local kids to cope with non-english-speaking kids, and MS-13 gang graffiti is popping up everywhere now.

    Obama claimed he was going to transform America…and he and hs followers are transforming it into the third world fast.

  3. What the hell is “agitprop”? Is that a new word for bullshit?

  4. Who’d a thunk? Hitler asked “Is Paris burning?”. Decades later the reply is “Allahu Akbar”.

    • Too True! I wanted to show my wife the house where my Grandfather Kuhns was born. My Great Uncle John said “Oh no! That’s a Somali neighborhood. They don’t let Whites in there.” And that was almost TWENTY years ago.

  5. >They are “peaceful” only when they are alone.
    A.L.O.N.E. is an interesting way to spell “dead”….

  6. They are just as peaceful now as they were in the 7th century.