Book Pimping…

Our friend JD Kinman has a new book out!

Click the cover to go to Amazon and get your copy!!!

The blurb-

Follow the hilarious tales of a displaced Texas ad agency executive and his two wise-cracking dogs as they escape the brutal winters of the Midwest and make a joyous and triumphant return home to their beloved Lone Star State.

In between barbecue feasts and harassment by the IRS, prosthetic testicles and a dog-house-turned-time-machine, the antics and adventures of JD, his Doberman and German Shepherd, and his levelheaded and incredibly tolerant wife will have you howling with laughter and even occasionally wiping a tear away from your face.

This is the collection of tales that JD’s readers have been waiting to get their paws on for years.

If you’re as tired of the political BS as I am, this is some great escapist reading!  Funny and a quick read, I think you’ll enjoy it!


Book Pimping… — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks, I needed a new funny book and I am really tired of all of the political crap going on this week.