It’s not paranoia…

When they really ARE out to get you.

Scott Adams is well known for his Dilbert cartoons, having started them back in the 80s. He’s been upfront about his political leanings for years, and this time he went for Trump…

Much to the dismay of much of the left…

And he ‘knew’ the interview was going to be a hit piece, HERE

On his blog, HERE, he points out the many errors of commission and omission done to paint him as a dystopic nutcase of the highest order, and take a cheap shot at his girlfriend at the same time… sigh…

Something tells me Bloomberg just ‘might’ get some attention in the coming illustrations, as he is want to do on occasion… And he DOES take input from readers, even today…

Personally, I think this is the lowest of the low, to do something like this to a good person just because of their political stance, BUT now that the left has lost, they are going to strike out anywhere and anyway they can. I’m sure Bloomberg ‘thinks’ they will cost him money, but given his legion of fans, I just don’t see that happening. If anything, his readership will probably go UP!



It’s not paranoia… — 8 Comments

  1. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    I read that article. Fascinating.

    The left is caught in an Alinsky loop of attack and destroy, but recalling the election, the tactics didn’t work on the American electorate, who learned not to believe them and voted in Donald J. Trump.

    I’m with Adams on that. Trump is brilliant, and has timing. Recall if you will when the press was going on about something and he changed the entire narrative with one tweet, “Barack Obama Wiretapped me.”

    BOOM – then the corrupt, lying, elite, scummy mainstream media ridiculed the President and forgot their rant. Now, we know that it’s likely that wiretapping likely occurred during the era of ObamaNation. But it’s the timing and it’s the sense of precisely what Adams pointed out as a talent stack, that works, without Alinsky tactics.

  2. I read an article on the bias in journalism some years ago.
    The article used this example.
    If someone from the north was driving through the south, and the person from the north prevented a dog from mauling a child, the news would report the incident with a headline that read, “Crazed Yankee Attacks Beloved Family Pet.”
    I have not seen any evidence to disprove the bias in journalism.

  3. Many people avoid introspection unless it validates their biases. Someone like Scott Adams makes them too uncomfortable. Easier for them to become angry than reflective.

  4. Adams’ observations are typically spot on, and it fun to watch his targets squirm. The louder they yell, the more angry they become, the more accurate his point is.

    Pass the popcorn.

  5. And this, children, is why we should never talk to the press without making our own recording of the conversation.