After a week with basically no phone and no internet, I feel strangely refreshed…

It’s funny how quickly folks stopped thinking about/slapping for their phones and simply enjoyed (well, weather dependent, enjoyed) being outside in a beautiful environment. By Tuesday, I was really loathe to turn the phone back on when I got to the car, and I didn’t spend but maybe 20-30 minutes a night on the net, primarily checking personal emails.

One of the many comments I heard during the week was from a local volunteer, envious of those of us from out of town that hadn’t brought computers. Seems he was going back at night and ‘working’, even though he was on vacation, since folks knew he was in town.

It was interesting also to watch the ‘movers and shakers’ constantly reaching for phones as they walked around the course, and the lines for the phones were pretty constant every day… But I guess the most ‘twitchy’ people I saw were the younger millennials, probably for the first time NOT able to be in constant contact. Actually it was pretty funny! 🙂

In other news, Kaya is now walking… Now the race is on!!! Now PP has two to chase down…

And note Vito in the background calmly chewing a toy… Little does he know…


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  1. Little or no ‘net has a therapeutic value, which ought to tell us all we need to know about it. But, like lemmings …

  2. Does our reach exceed our grasp? I grew up on a rural ranch in the California gold rush country in the 60’s. It was guaranteed each winter that we would lose electric power more than once and for several hours. So out would come the coal-oil lamps, the wood stove was already burning, and we carried on, but at a more relaxed pace. To this day, I still remember when the power came back on. Electrical stuff like the refrigerator would hum back to life, and lights on switches we had forgotten about all lit up. At that moment, if felt like someone had suddenly switched the treadmill into high gear again.

    Certainly we humans are adaptable, but our time and energy are finite. Just how much of this plugged in high-speed information highway is good for us?

    Heh. Yeah, I know. As he sits there and types this.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time. I got to watch a golfer friend play a round at Pebble Beach. It’s really relaxing to walk around some beautiful scenery and just enjoy.

  4. RHT- Good point… We didn’t have a TV until I was about 6-7. I played outside with the other kids.

    JMI- That it is, as long as there isn’t $1.8M riding on it…LOL

    • A fair point. It was a Pro-Am, so not as much pressure as other tourneys.

  5. How the Internet is screwing our attention spans. (it’s funny)

  6. Haven’t been commenting because my setup id slow to load your blog. Changed internet providers and bought my own modem/router. Things are much better now. Per Comcast, their equipment tested ok. Will enjoy shoving their equipment up……….

  7. Anytime you can get outdoors is ALWAYS good time, and definitely relaxing. Away from gadgets is good for lowering the BP.

    Kaya is just too cute!! And determined to get to what she wants! Vito is in trouble for sure…lol. Bet if he just gives her a big sloppy kiss it will slow her down a little.

    OK, so for seeing “firsts” the internet is a good thing, especially when you don’t live right around the corner.

  8. JMI- True dat! 🙂

    Leaper- Good, and true, one!

    WSF- Yeah, some people do seem to have problems some times, but the server has been getting hammered too, so it’s NOT all on your end.

    Suz- Good point and agreed!

    Ed- It has been!