Keyboard is giving me fits, so you get pictures…

These were a series of billboards in/around Detroit a few years ago… Sigh… The good old days! When you could tell from 2 blocks away both visually and aurally what kind of car was coming up the street!

Re the last, they lied… True horsepower was 520 with stock manifolds, 560 with headers (which had a Chevy part number)… 😀


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  1. Pictures are good. And I don’t care what they say about how modern muscle is faster, better, and has cornering & braking, the old school had class and personality. Today’s cars are too slick and impersonal.

  2. Maybe age has something to do with it. There is a group of millenniums working out of a bay in the warehouse complex that houses my part time employer. They are creating their own looks and sounds. They also project attitudes that seem to echo in the memories of my early years. That said, you post is spot on.

  3. Indeed. I can’t tell cars apart any more until I look a tthe badge, and they all sound alike.

    The kids can tell them apart, though.

  4. Admiral- Good! 🙂

    Rev- That they are! Sigh…

    WSF- Thanks!

    Paw- Yep, obviously their eyes are better than mine! LOL

  5. Small block 350.
    Bias-ply tires.
    Drum brakes.
    You learn to respect the laws of physics with that combo.