Digging for something else in the closet, I found this…

I must have been washing in for a date on Friday or Saturday night! 🙂

My old ’66 Goat… Sigh… I miss that car! Gold with the black vinyl interior and black top, it was hotter’n hell in the summer, and taught me real quick NOT to wear shorts to drive it!!!

389 Tri-power, power steering/power brakes only, no air, M21 tranny/Hurst shifter, and ‘some’ engine work and headers. Not anywhere close to what Drjim did to his, HERE. All we did was a quickie balance and blueprint after the first time I floated the valves and chunked the plastic timing gear… Really, Pontiac? A #[email protected]#*% PLASTIC timing gear in a hi performance engine??? Sigh…

I can buy one, similar to mine, with around 100,000 miles for mid-$60K… sigh…

Gotta sell a LOT more books!!! 🙂


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  1. I keep seeing a 1969 AMX around town that has been restomoded that is giving me the itch but I can’t afford to scratch it.

  2. Itch? That car is like poison ivy. I’d claw my skin off to own one today. Really nice.

  3. I know all the arguments about how modern muscle is faster/better/more capable, etc. Don’t care. I’d still rather have one of the originals; maybe that’s why a shoot a Garand and a 1911. 🙂

  4. ’66 Olds Cutlass SS for me.
    And my Smarter Half? She had a full blown Smoky And The Bandit Trans-Am. There are still Florida State Troopers wondering “Where did that blonde go?”
    While I wouldn’t turn down the gift of a 2017 Dodge Hellcat or Demon I’d spend my own money classic 60s/70s muscle.

  5. The Cowman had a 66′ blue Goat when I met him (turned out it was his older brother’s). Loved that car, had a lot of fun in that car.

  6. Had a friend that had a very similar gold ’67 Goat – great car. Another friend had a ’69 Chevelle SS with L89 that had the aluminum intake, aluminum heads and a rated 375 hp, but which was really about 425 … Especially after he added Hooker Headers to it and it breathed a bit better. Was a bit of a sleeper for most folks who thought it was a standard 325 hp motor. Another friend had a ’67 Nova SS with 327 that we had balanced, blueprinted, put on a Holley carb, etc. for a really nice car as well. Me, I spent my money on a stripped ’48 Anglia with a chopped Pontiac 4.88 positrac rear – added a tubular front end frame, and a Chevy 302 4 bolt main block, solid lifter cam, custom headers and a cross ram with 2 Holleys on it. Fun to do wheelies on the street!

    • And people grouse about pilots using too much jargon and technical terminology ?:) OK, OK, so the argument about the Merlin vs. the R-2800 was a little esoteric, but still…

  7. You had a 66 GTO?!?!?!?

    Words cannot adequately convey my jealousy. Suffice to say I’m rapidly turning green, and it ain’t my stomach that’s do blame.

    In all seriousness, that is freakin’ awesome. My dream car (okay, my realistic dream car) is either a ’67 or a ’69 GTO.

  8. No GTO’s in my family, but Mom’s ’67 Tempest was a sweetheart of a car. A 327 engine with an automatic transmission. A family car with bench seats, the 1st car in our family that was purchased brand new ($3,200 I think). Blue top, white body, very sporty handling, you sort of pointed it rather than drove it. Mom loved that car.

    • Durn it, typo on above. 326 engine, two door, bench seats. Brother and I were thrown off the rear window deck when Mom had a sudden stop. Different times, we laugh about it now, but they’d be thrown in jail in record time for that now.

  9. I had and still miss badly a ’66 Buick Skylark Gran Sport convertible — red with black top and upholstery. I remember the hot seat problem well! Lovely car. No power anything except the top. 401 nailhead. I have no idea what the horsepower on the road was, but it was quite adequate (which is to say it would run with anything and beat most!). Miserable brakes (aluminium fin drums) and handling, but hey — we didn’t worry about that. Sold it when my son got his license; that car was flat out lethal unless handled with some care.

    And I still wish I had it…

  10. That’s a real looker. Had a friend who had one painted candy apple red.

  11. Miss my ’62 Vett.
    Paid $2400 for it in ’66.
    Last I saw one they were asking $35,000….sigh.

  12. That cam timing gear (plastic teeth molded on to an aluminum hub; cam gear only, the crank gear was steel) was notorious for failing at around #0~40,000 miles. The chain was usually shot by then, too. The chain would get so sloppy that the valve timing would change, making the car run like a dog, and giving you *some* warning it was getting ready to let go.

    If you kept driving the car and it let go completely, or if it let go at high RPM, you’d wind up with 6~8 bent valves, meaning the heads had to come off and get repaired.

    The nice thing was that if that car was factory ordered with the Tripower, it came with the fabled “068” cam, which was an excellent street cam.

    I like the ’65 styling, and the ’69 styling the best. My older cousin in Morris, Illinois had a new 1967 (first year for the QuadraJet) with an automatic, and it was a really nice car.