Isn’t THAT interesting…

Seems like ‘somebody’ either cut a deal, or some money changed hands… IMHO…

London gun owners are asking questions of the Metropolitan Police after the force seemingly handed the addresses of 30,000 firearm and shotgun owners to a direct mail marketing agency for a commercial firm’s advertising campaign.

The first any of the affected people knew about the blunder was when the leaflet landed on their doormats in Tuesday’s post. Titled “Protect your firearms and shotguns with Smartwater”, the leaflet – which features Met Police logos – advises firearm and shotgun certificate holders to “buy a firearms protection pack at a reduced price” of £8.95.

Full article, HERE. Sooo… How’s that going to work out, when those people start getting robbed???

And apparently both gun AND knife attacks are up in Merry Old England for 2016… Who’d a thunk it? Didn’t they supposedly ‘fix’ that? Gottlieb et al apparently got their hands on a report that says things aren’t quite as rosy over there as the media says it is.


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  1. WOW…just Wow!!!

    I liked the line “the person responsible is on leave”. Ya think?!?! Bet they don’t come back from that leave!