Thank you!!!

To all those who have texted, emailed, and called (sorry for the lack of voice).

I’m recovering slowly, but was told to expect that. And no, I’m NOT being stupid…

I know I’m getting old and this is not trivial, so…

Meds (every six hours)- Check

Sleep- Check (more or less in 4 hour swatches)

Exercise- Check (walking around)

Eating healthy- Check And NOT by choice!!! Sigh…

And yes, PP, eating that double damned yogurt. Don’t see how y’all can stand the taste of that crap!!!

Energy level is still low, but not unexpected, considering the amount of blood I lost.

And I’ve got the damned hiccups…


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  1. Yogurt is an abomination on the face of the earth. However,if you drain it overnight into a bowl,you end up with a sharp cream cheese that makes the best cheesecake. The whey will kick up your “buttrmilk” pancakes or biscuits.

    Dennis the librarian shusherD

  2. Little guys on horses conquered the known world eating that stuff, and drinking blood.

    Yogurt varies a lot- both in texture and taste.Try other brands. I eat a lot of unsweetened yogurt with homemade apple sauce. Love it.

    • If only NFO mixed the yogurt with horse blood the way that the Mongols did, Raven. He’d be better by now…

      Ferment it NFO – make arag out of the yogurt and horse blood. It’s an anesthetic…

      • LL, you are a wonderful influence. While reading your post, a great idea sprung into my head!

        A nice bloody steak with yogurt sauce! Salt, pepper, hot sauce, steak and yogurt!
        now where is my horn backed bow…..

      • Yep, yogurt makes a good dipping sauce or even spread on bread replacing mayonnaisse.

        Its funny the cravings you get when you are on a forced diet / menu. I go on a diet and suddenly CRAVE (I mean barking crave man!) for a PBJ sandwich. Off the diet, every once in a blue moon.

        Still don’t understand how that works.

        Hope you continue to heal, take it a day at a time.

  3. Long, long time ago I read about someone in Georgia (the Russian one, not the one north of Florida) who was 120+ years old. He attributed his longevity to eating yogurt daily. My response was that if I had to eat yogurt every day for over a hundred years, it isn’t worth it. Anyway, get well quick.

  4. Laughter is always the best medicine. The night after an appendectomy many hears ago, I almost lost my stitches watching “Caddyshack” on the hospital room TV. It hurt, but helped so much.
    Guaranteed it’ll leave a better taste in your mouth than yoghurt.

  5. Well, try the kind that has fruit in it, that tastes better. I like mine (French vanilla) mixed with a cup of frozen blueberries. Turns it into sort of ice cream-ish.

    While you might not like yogurt (and it is an acquired taste) it sure beats diarrhea from mega antibiotics. Between the runs from depletion of gut bacteria or eating yogurt, I’d pick the yogurt. It will buff up your immune system and HELP YOU HEAL FASTER. Cause it’s all about you getting back on track so you can write more books for us. 🙂

    Seriously, glad to hear you are still following orders, taking your meds, and getting antsy…means it all is working. Putting away the nursing cap now…

  6. Yogurt: proof marketing trumps common sense. Why else would people buy milk that has died and has stuff living in it?

    Laughing is SO good for you. The endorphins are truly the best medicine. Young Frankenstein is worth at least a week’s worth of antibiotics.

  7. Plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt is a really good substitute for sour cream…make yourself a plate of nachos with it. It’s still eating yogurt, after all.

    Or get some vanilla Greek yogurt, and add a couple tablespoons of jelly to it. Makes it taste better.

  8. All- Thanks, but as SOON as off these %&^&# meds, the yogurt is DONE… Yech…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. I (used to) do this stuff for a living and I am flat out mystified as to why they have you eating yogurt!
    Heal fast and well, amigo.

  10. …evil laughing…still at the look on your face as you are the first yogurt ???

    • Laughter is the best medicine. Hope it didn’t hurt too much! 😉

  11. I’m not a big fan of yogurt, either… but pancakes made from Brigid’s Kefir recipe are very tasty, and you still get the goods.

  12. Yogurt can be anywhere from very good to warm bird crap, but it usually gets the GI tract back up and working.
    And braunschweiger for the blood loss.
    Get well and keep following the Doc’s recommendations.