Teh Stoopid…

Is SO over the top right now, it’s pathetic!

Impeach Trump over the Comey firing!!! Eleventy…

Constitutional Crisis!!! Film at Eleven!!!

Sen. Ed Markey was the first to imply the country is in peril following Trump’s decision to fire Comey. The Massachusetts Democrat said Trump set a terrible precedent given the number of investigations into the 2016 presidential campaign and his team’s possible connections to the Russian government.

“This episode is disturbingly reminiscent of the Saturday Night Massacre during the Watergate scandal and the national turmoil that it caused,” Markey said. “We are careening ever closer to a constitutional crisis, and this development only underscores why we must appoint a special prosecutor to fully investigate any dealings the Trump campaign or administration had with Russia.”

Really??? Project much??? Full article, HERE.  The problem is, the idjits actually BELIEVE what they’re saying… Or do they??? Chuckie, Pelosi, Markey???

This is Nixon all over again, he fired the FBI director to protect himself. Not quite… It was Bill Clinton, HERE.  But the comparison is there to Nixon’s infamous Saturday Night Massacre, at least according to the left, HERE… Even if they are totally different equations, Special Prosecutor vs. FBI director… Sigh

So now the left doesn’t ‘trust’ the FBI to actually conduct ANY investigation??? HERE. Good luck with that, especially following up on McCabe’s testimony today that contradicts pretty much every argument the left is putting forward… HERE.

Soooo… Bottom line, the Dems were all for firing Comey, until he was, and now it’s ALL TRUMP’S FAULT, ELEVENTYOMGWORLDENDING…

It took me almost three hours of wading through shit to actually find credible stories with REAL links, and none of those were from the MSM, as we knew it. They are still in meltdown/how did we lose mode… sigh

What is sad is that the polarization is ONLY getting worse, there is absolutely NO attempt being made to bring the two sides together, nor any attempts that ‘I’ can see to reconcile the country into a whole.

Folks, this isn’t going to end well… It CAN’T end well, as sooner or later, somebody is going to trip off line, and then all bets are off.


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  1. Sadly Jim, I can find no error in your post. The incredible hypocrisy of the left is compounded with blindness to reality. It appears that the unhappy end that looms ahead is their goal.
    Either the right totally capitulates and we careen madly down the socialist / utopian road to doom or the backbiting, undermining, resistance will grow to unsustainable levels with unavoidable results. I hope & pray that Karl Marx is roasting in everlasting flames in hell, had I the means, I would turn up the burners.

  2. The Democrats are opposing everything that Trump does, even things they called for weeks or days before.
    Those who complain about institutionalized behavior are themselves showing it.
    To me, it started as the Democrats doing to Trump what they think the Republicans did to Obama, but since they don’t understand what the Republicans did, they aren’t doing it.
    Everything anyone that they oppose does is the absolute worst possible thing ever; they have lost what little sense of perspective they had left before the election and can’t even comprehend that they are turning off more and more of their supporters as they descend further and further into incoherent rage.
    Unfortunately they still have much power and influence at their disposal and this means that their flailing death throes will have a bigger and more painful impact than they should.

  3. It was “BLAME BUSH”

    Today it’s “BLAME TRUMP”

    And it would get no traction at all without the corrupt, lying, elite, smug, nasty mainstream media.

  4. Roger- Thanks, glad it’s NOT just me…

    Jon- Excellent point!

    LL- Exactly! Seems to have completely skipped “Blame BO”…

  5. All my life it seems that Republicans get things done without any help from the Democrats, yet it is the Democrats who are always yelling that there is ‘absolutely’ no bi-partisanship between the two parties.

    The Dems are only reaping 50+ years of what they have sown. And only the support of the media is keeping the truth from really getting out.

    What a truly class-less act the Democrats are. A Congress full of whiny children who spend more time flip-flopping and blame fingering than breathing, and a feckless ex-president who is going against all tradition and decency in order to keep his smug face ‘current’ and getting more for one speaking agreement than any other person I can recall, yet still thinks calling Trump a ‘rich guy’ is an insult.

    Makes you kinda wish for the good-old days when politicians actually used to brawl.

    Disgusted with pretty much all of them.

  6. I love playing “Annoy a Liberal.”
    Yesterdays session at local diner. Booth next to me had 2 SJWs. Usual drivel of “resistance/illegitimate/facists!”
    I must have snorted particularly loud and caught their attention. “And what are you going to do to stop us, old man? (OLD MAN? Damn, third time in 6 months I’ve been called that!) We won the majority vote and outnumber you!”
    Me: “That’s why we have 30-round magazines.”
    They left quickly. *But I fear those 30-rounders are going to be needed before the summer is out.*

  7. A follow on to Stretch, above:
    Somehow, I suspect (fear) that this summer will be very “interesting”.

  8. I am sure most of you have read the acronym “TWANLOC”, coined I believe by one astute commenter going under the name of “Subotai Badahur”. He is well know over at the belmont club.

    -those who are no longer our countrymen.”

    We used to have an general agreement on the destination of our country,, and the dispute was about the correct course to get there. Now, the destinations are completely different- a free market economy with minimal government, or an overbearing nanny/police state. This is known as an irreconcilable difference. There is no way to negotiate polar opposite goals. Therefore it will be resolved by war.

  9. Clean ’em.
    Lubricate ’em.
    And have them close at hand, always.
    How sad we all seem to be in agreement.

  10. NRW- I do, and I do…

    Andrew- I couldn’t agree more! But I would’t want to ‘touch’ Pelosi or Feinstein…

    Stretch/Roger- 🙂 No doubt… When it gets hot, and the A/C goes out…

    RHT- He’s right. Interesting point on the NFA.

    Raven- HAdn’t heard that one in a while, but it IS appropriate, especially now.

    GB- And spare mags.

  11. Not original with me. If Trump found a cure for every dread disease, he would be attacked for discriminating against the grim reaper.

    The (P)regressives behave like the spurned spouse in an acrimonious divorce. Rational thinking isn’t going to happen.

  12. AS I was driving around today between patients I was listening to Rush who was saying the entire Russian/Trump thing was a fabrication of the Clinton team within 24 hours of her losing the election so there can’t be ANY indication that she lost the election due to her own fault. Rush was reading from a new book out called Shattered which, I guess is about the behind the scenes of Clinton campaign.

    The fact is that multiple congresscritters, of BOTH parties, as well as the former president have all said there is no evidence of any “collusion” or wrong-doing from the Trump side.

    The fact is Trump, as president, can fire anyone his little heart desires. All those folks “serve at the pleasure of the president”. He is a guy from the business world, so he does what he wants, when he wants, and if you don’t like it, tough nuggies. He is looking at the brass tacks, bottom line, not what makes folks feel warm and fuzzy.

    The fact is, the MSM are the ones who got there nose bent when we the people didn’t do what they told us to do, and vote for Hillary. We the people actually thought for ourselves, made our own minds up and did what we damn well pleased. Can’t be having that!! We are supposed to behave and do as “our better’s” tell us to do. Since we didn’t, we deserve to be tormented with all of this angst from the progressives. Never mind that the Dems have been losing seats and governerships like crazy over the past 10 years or so.

    Problem is, sooner or later, the crap will hit the fan. And then watch where the blame lands…not on the Clintons, or any of their toadies in the MSM. After all, wouldn’t want to waste a good crises. They are progressives. “It” (whatever it is)is NEVER their fault. That will continue unless either 1. HRC steps up and says “my fault, sorry” or 2. We get hit with an EMP from N Korea which blacks out the grid and no one can see any of this crap on TV any longer. Or 3. We all get way more target practice than anyone wants cause some fool decided to create a crises.

    Guess which way I’m betting it goes…

    • Right in the middle of 3, we get 2. Then we get 1, but she says it’s Trump’s fault.

  13. The nasty part of me is rabidly waiting for the line to be tripped — and then we can start removing leftist scum from existence in job lots. Lots of them around my neck of the woods to choose from, and every damned one of them moved here from Commiefornia.

    Then the rational side of me weeps for our country which once was…