If you’re really bored…

I was interviewed on Bloviating Zeppelin’s podcast last night. You can find his post and link, HERE.

My interview starts about 34 minutes into the show. It was fun, and I spent about an hour chatting with him, until the throat/voice gave up.

Remember, The Grey Man series is on sale through the weekend, at Amazon.com, HERE.

Y’all have a safe one, and take a moment to remember those who didn’t make it home.


If you’re really bored… — 7 Comments

  1. Usually, I fix a drink or two, go sit down by the creek behind the house, and lift a glass to “Absent Companions.” Not this year, though. I’m driving down to Florida to see an adopted granddaughter graduate from high school. Hope my friends understand.

  2. WSF- Thanks, obviously you’re glossing over my screwups… LOL

    John- 🙂

    RS- They will. We will be lifting that same glass out here.

  3. I enjoyed the interview and thought it was well done it that it covered many aspects and gave the audience a good look at OldNFO himself. BZ!

  4. I listened to it. It’s a good interview, and I found it interesting but your accent throws me.