We will get together today to do burgers and dogs, and remember those who didn’t come back. 2 Army, 1 Navy, 1 USAF, 1 South African Navy in the same house ‘may’ be interesting…

And this one is particularly appropriate…

May they rest in peace.


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    • Nope. They always have a “reason” why they didn’t serve. A hell of a lot of folks seemed to have “Asthma” back then. 🙂

  1. The common thread of service and country before self is what binds all of us together, and is what separates us from the shirkers and slackers who think that it’s fun to eat bread earned by other men.

    It’s always been like that, and I don’t see that it’s going to change anytime soon when I look at campus antics. But the freaks (young and old) are never invited to dine with us and share our stories. Because that’s for those of us who earned them.

  2. WSF- Nope, nor SWJs/POS…

    Old Woody- Yep… dammit.

    LL- Agreed! You know you’re always welcome here, if you ever get out this way again.

  3. As per usual, LL beat me to it. To many of us never got the chance to grow old.

  4. Memorial Day has always been a special day of gratitude in our house. Since 2016 this day has become even more poignant, my dad, 26 years USMC, passed at 1735*.

    I truly wanted to serve but the decision was made in my fourth year, a disqualifying surgery. Even the Coasties wouldn’t take me. So I volunteer.

    We are very thankful to the military vets. In my humblest gratitude, thank you.

    *The importance of that is if he had hung on a few more minutes, it would have been much easier for my mother. Such are the frustrating machinations of fedgov. But that is a different story.

  5. Sorry r on but “the Coasties” have overall the highest initial entry standards of any of the services so you needn’t feel picked on. I had gotten a small waiver for childhood asthma (really was allergies but who knew back then) to get into the Army in ’74. Did my 3 by 3 and got out when jimmy peanut was screwing (up) the military (and the country in general). Flash forward to ’85 and I STILL had to get yet another waiver to enlist in the CG Reserve.

  6. Jim, that sounds like family get-togethers at my house! One Army (my son) one Marine (the senior son-in-law), two Navy (one medically retired, and one in the Reserves) and one Air Force (yours truly). The service jokes are EPIC!

  7. All are not forgotten. Locally here, they had a big revolutionary ceremony at a local monument not far from us down the road. Each year, it keeps getting bigger.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    We honor and remember those that came before us. Freedom ain’t free or cheap, it has to be paid for in sacrifice and we honor those that have made the ultimate.

  9. I think we all got along splendidly, as always–and as we always will. Love, appreciation and duty to country is what laid the common foundation for us. A zeal for the written word in its many varied forms is what brought us together.

    Mutual love, friendship and respect is what will keep us together.

    Thanks for one of the better Sundays before a hallowed day I’ve had in many, many years.


  10. Memorial Day has always been a day of solemn reflection of the lives lost in any war we have fought in for me.
    R.I.P.PFC Frank Walters 04/29/1929-12/03/1944 my uncle