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California, Oregon, and Washington are all starting to feel the effects of the $15/hr minimum wage issue…

In a pair of affluent coastal California counties, the canary in the mineshaft has gotten splayed, spatchcocked and plated over a bed of unintended consequences, garnished with sprigs of locally sourced economic distortion and non-GMO, β€œWhat the heck were they thinking?”

Full article HERE, from the Fresno Bee. What is really interesting is that Fresno is NOT a high priced coastal city. They are in the Central Valley, and the major employers there are farms and the Lemoore Navy base. Those folks can’t afford to pay for the food if all the employees have to make $15/hr. Also, it will drive the entry level job market into the dirt (again)…

Reap what you sow California!!! πŸ™‚


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  1. β€œWhat the heck were they thinking?”

    They weren’t thinking, they were “feeling.” None of the substance of thought, and half the effort. Besides, the people who passed the laws can afford $8/lb. for hamburger, so they don’t care if YOU can’t.

  2. We saw it … we told them … they don’t listen, because they don’t have to. The voters keep putting them back into office, all the while complaining about the policies those career politicians keep passing.

  3. RS- Yeah, Sillycon Valley… sigh

    Fargo- Of course not. The people that passed it have ‘good’ jobs that pay $100K a year or more…

    Rev- Exactly!

  4. Youth summer unemployment has spiked while the small mom and pop businesses are beginning to shutter the doors. Who could have foreseen that?

  5. It’s funny now that they want varying rates for the minimum wage. When raising the minimum wage was considered and legislated – yo can bet that the librterds from every economic zone in the states affected pushed for them to go up to $15.00 per hour across the board. Now that their favorite Thai food and taco joints are closing, or since they have been charged $30 for a hamburger deluxe, they are in a panic.

  6. My problem with this country is that neither the politicians nor a majority of voters is capable of learning from this experience.

  7. Minimum Wage was sold as an ‘Incentive Level’ plan. Make minimum in order to get your foot…

    No, wait, it was just another of those collective socialist long-range plans to destroy the US economy and drive all of us into the welcoming arms of universal socialism with the State providing everything and all of us good little children working in the fields…

    Cambodia, here we come!!!

  8. “…all the while complaining about the policies those career politicians keep passing…”

    …and then, after having had enough of the dysfunction in their home state, moving to another state and voting for those same policies.

  9. The plan was to have illegals take over those positions, since they don’t have to be paid minimum wage. Alas, Hillary lost, and the illegals are getting scarce.

  10. “No one told me there’d be math!” – any given California pol.

  11. R- But restaurants are already leaving/looking for alternative locations, per a friend that lives in Seattle…